Saturday Savings

This week’s shopping actually happened this morning, which is why this post is a little late going up. I took my one healthy kiddo (Chase) and set off for a morning of deal hunting. I was relatively happy with the random assortment of deals I found and was bummed to have to accept rain checks for a few items I had wanted (I guess I wasn’t the only deal seeker out there this weekend!). Our whirlwind trip cost $54.06.

HyVee Unsalted Butter – 3 boxes
HyVee Pretzels
HyVee Chili Beans – 4 cans
Flintstones Vitamins – 2 bottles
Cascade Dishwasher Packs
Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Double Rolls – 12 pack
Dole Bananas – 4.25 pounds
Clancy’s Puffed Corn – 1 bag
Mini Marshmallows
Skim Milk – 1 gallon
2% Milk – 1 gallon
Brown Sugar
Gala Apples – 3 pound bag
Hen House:
White Bread – 2 loaves
Diet Coke 2 Liters – 2
Act II Popcorn
Campbell’s Healthy Request Chunky Soups – 2 cans
Halls Cough Drops – 1 bag
Yoplait Parfait Delights 4 pack
Skippy Peanut Butter
Dannon Danimals Yogurt Crush Cups – 2 packs of 4
Pringles Single Serve Can (for my hungry boy!)
The Deals: Quite the assortment of random stuff this week, huh? Let’s start with the cheapest item on my list… I paid exactly .08 for the jar of Skippy Peanut Butter! Here’s how that went down: Target now price matches. HyVee had Skippy on sale for $1.48 a jar. I already had a .40 off Skippy coupon and I had a $1 off Skippy Target coupon (printed from their website a couple of weeks ago). I took my HyVee flier to Customer Service at Target, told them I wanted a price match on the Skippy, handed over my coupons and they asked for .08 for the jar! Nice! I also picked up the Danimals Yogurt packs for .50 each after sale and the two $1 off coupons I had.
Thank goodness Hen House had Diet Coke 2 Liters on sale – I was almost out here at home! Diet Coke was .86 each (43% off). The bread was also .86 each, the ACT II Popcorn was .70 (69% off), the Yoplait was .86 (67% off), and the Halls Cough Drops were .59 for the bag (60% off). Nick and I don’t have coughs or sore throats right now, but it’s nice to have these on hand for when we are sick rather than running to CVS at 9pm at night and paying full price.
HyVee had some nice bargains on Ragu sauce and generic oyster crackers, such nice deals in fact they were cleaned out at the store I shopped at today. I snagged some rain checks though from the cashier and will just pick up those items next week sometime. While at HyVee I was able to stock up on butter at $1.48 (40% off), Vitamins for the boys at $4.38 each (51% off), toilet paper for $4.99 (42% off) and bananas for .39 a pound (43% off).
One mention about Aldi – back this spring our family was introduced to a new snack. The boys loved it and Nick and I found it quite tasty. Problem was, it was kinda high priced for a bagged snack. I was delighted this morning to see Aldi now carries a version of this snack (Puffed Corn) for about a 3rd of the price of the name brand stuff!
Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $88.70
Total After Sales and Coupons: $49.80 – 44% off

For those of you on Twitter, you can now follow me as a shop! I generally only Tweet when I’m in the store finding a great deal, and that usually happens on the weekend. On Twitter I’m #MasterShopper!

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