Saturday Savings

I did some serious breakfast stocking up this week! In the last 4 days I’ve bought 9 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of Pop Tarts and 2 boxes of Nutri-grain Bars. My out of pocket cost was already minimal for those 15 items but it will be even sweeter when my $10 rebate check arrives from Kellogg’s. More about that later! For now, look at what $51.02 can buy you…

Deli Ham – 1 lb
Asian Sensations – 1 box
Frozen Veggies – 4 bags
Felippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 bottle
Hy-Vee Cookies – 3 packages
Kellogg’s Pop Tarts – 4 boxes
Kellogg’s Cereal – 4 boxes
Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars – 2 boxes
Skippy Peanut Butter – 2 jars
Smuckers Ice Cream Toppings – 2 jars
Hy-Vee Disinfectant spray
Bagged Salad
Green Peppers – 3
80% Ground Beef Roll – 4 @ 1lb each

Price Chopper:
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – 3.44 pounds
Kix Cereal
Bananas – 4.21 pounds
M&Ms – small bag (PTing Bribe!)

The Deals: Obviously there were more deals to be had at Hy-Vee this week than Price Chopper. The Skippy Peanut Butter was only .39 a jar after my coupons (84% off), the ground beef rolls were $1.49 each (47% off), the Olive Oil was $3.99 (44% off), the Ice Cream Toppings were .77 each (65% off) and the Asian Sensations was $1.25 (62% off).

Here’s the Kellogg’s Rebate break down for you… Kellogg’s is currently offering a $10 Rebate Check and a $70 Dell Coupon if you buy 10 Kellogg’s items in one trip and mail in the receipt and UPC symbols. This week is a great time to take advantage of this rebate! If you don’t have the rebate that was in the Sunday Paper a couple of weeks ago, you can get one here. When using various coupons (including the $1.50 off 3 boxes coupon that’s in this week’s Hy-Vee flier) I paid just $12.68 (4 boxes cereal, 4 boxes pop tarts and 2 boxes nutri-grain bars), but then I’ll get a $10 rebate check for that, making it like I paid only $2.68! You also should know, you can work this same deal for about the same price at Hen House this week – they just don’t have the $1.50 off coupon that Hy-Vee offers right now.

Price Chopper also has a nice General Mills Cereal deal going right now, especially if you have some of the .55 or .75 off one box coupons that have been available online recently. I paid $3.75 for 5 boxes of cereal over the last week (I bought 4 on Wednesday night and 1 yesterday). Bananas (.39 a pound) and the boneless skinless chicken breasts ($1.69 lb) were the other good deals at Price Chopper this week.

Total Before Sales, Coupons and Tax: $97.94
Total After Sales and Coupons: $48.80 – 50% off! (With the $10 rebate factored in, it’s 60%)

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