Saturday Savings

Before I get to the deals, I have a favor to ask of my readers! Yesterday was “Dress Like a Cow Day” at Chick-Fil-A. Each person in “costume” received a free meal! In addition to the fun you could submit your picture to the Chick-Fil-A website and enter a contest to win a year’s supply of Chick-Fil-A. Sounds good to this cheap family!! Below is the picture we submitted and here is the link to go vote for it! You can only vote once per picture and you will need to confirm your vote via a confirmation e-mail they send you (watch your spam folder, that’s where Yahoo sent mine). Thanks in advance for your vote!!

Alright, on to the deals now (not that free food isn’t a deal itself)! Everything you see below cost $71.09. Here’s what it includes….

Whole Milk – 1 gallon
Skim Milk – 1 gallon
Bananas – 5.7 pounds
Ice Cream Cones
Flour Tortillas – 2 packages
Cream Cheese
Tomato Paste
Parmesean Cheese
Tuna – 2 cans
Diced Tomatoes – 2 cans @ 28 oz each
Peanut Butter
Bag of Chips
Dozen Eggs

Butter – 2 packages
Digiorno Pizzas – 2
Bendy Straws (on clearance!)
Barilla Whole Grain pasata
Hy-Vee Mac ‘n Cheese – 5 boxes
Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats – 2 boxes
Kellogg’s Special K – 1 box
Wonder Bread Hot Dog Buns – 2 packages
Corn King Bacon – 2 boxes @ 1 pound each
Hy-Vee Pepperoni
Head of Lettuce
Peaches – 2.6 pounds

Price Chopper:
Ricotta Cheese
Kraft Shredded Cheese – 6 bags
Lasagna Noodles
Blueberries – 4 pounds total
Cherries – 2 pounds

The Deals: Price Chopper’s sale on Kraft Cheeses ended up being even better than I thought! The cheese was on sale for $1.25 each and then at check out a coupon printed for $4 off my next shopping trip to Price Chopper. I had no idea that was coming and don’t know what the minimum number of packages needed was to get that. The blueberries were also a great deal at $1.88 a pound. I had been planning on picking my own berries at a nearby berry farm but this special 3 day sale price was cheaper than picking myself!

At Hy-Vee I also scored some checkout coupons for my next trip. For each Digiorno Pizza I bought I got a $1 off my next shopping trip coupon. These were already a good deal at $2.49 each (after sale and coupon) so the coupons just made it sweeter. The cereals were all .99 each after sale and coupons and the hotdog buns were .66 each.

I was a little disapointed to see that the price of milk is continuing to climb at the Aldi closest to my house. In the last couple of months the price of whole milk has climbed almost .50 a gallon! Considering I average 12 gallons a month that’s quite the hit to my already small budget. For some reason milk tends to be cheaper at the Aldi on the other side of the state line, so from now on I’ll be picking up my milk there.

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $134.96
Total After Sales and Coupons: $67.55 (50%!)

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