Saturday Savings

Decent week of deal hunting here in our household! If you missed my sweet $1.61 shopping trip to CVS earlier this week then you need click here to see those bargains! For now I’ll just focus on the finds on our family (yep the whole family) shopping trip last night. Everything on the table was $57.61 and here’s what it includes…

Price Chopper:
Belfante Lime Sherbet
Westpac Frozen Veggies – 4 bags
Miracle Whip
Lays Potato Chips
Cheese Nips – 2 boxes
Crest Toothpaste
Hefty Plates
Hefty Cups
All 2x Laundry Detergent – 2 bottles
Eckrich Jumbo Franks – 2 packages

Banquet Pot Pies – 6
Generic Frozen Veggies – 3 bags
Hungry Jack Syrup – 2 bottles
Ice Cream Novelties – 2 boxes
Peaches – 2.75 pounds

Whole Milk – 3 gallons
Skim Milk – 1 gallon
Paper Towels – 1 roll
Napkins – 250 pack
Brown Sugar – 1 pound bag
White Bread – 2 loaves
Motts Natural Fruit Snacks – 24 pack
Bananas – 3.75 pounds

The Deals: The Crest Toothpaste was only .50 with my coupon (78% off), the Miracle Whip was .99 (75% off) and the Cheese Nips were $1 a box (49% off). It was also quite handy the Price Chopper had cups and plates on sale as we are hosting a pizza party later today! With my coupons the cups were only .75 (69% off) and the plates were $1 (61% off). The rest of my deals were about 50% off on average.

Total Before Sales, Coupons and Tax: $109.60
Total After Sales and Coupons: $54.72 (50%)

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