Saturday Savings

Yesterday morning I headed out for some fairly light grocery shopping with Tyler (it was our one-on-one time). Everything you see pictured below plus a 24 pack of Quilted Northern Toilet Paper (I can’t believe I forgot to put it in the picture!) cost $37.52.

Whole Milk – 2 gallons
Skim Milk
Margarine – 2 packages
Flour – 5 pounds
Bananas – 3 pounds
Eggs – 1 dozen

Jolly Time Popcorn
Hy-Vee Honey Wheat Pretzels
Ritz Crackers
Wheat Thins Artisan Crackers
Quilted Northern Toilet Paper – 24 pack
Boneless Lean Ham – 4 pounds
Hy-Vee Refrigerated Mini Bagels – 12 count

Price Chopper:
Kraft Salad Dressing
Velveeta Shells and Cheese
Pork Tenderloin – 2 packages, 1.4 pounds each

The Deals: The Ritz and Wheat Thins at Hy-Vee were a pretty good deal. The Ritz were on sale 2/$5 and there was a coupon in last Sunday’s paper for a free box of Wheat Thins when you bought a box of Ritz. That saved me 66% overall when buying both! The toilet paper was only $4.99 for the 24 pack which is 42% off – that’s a pretty impressive discount for TP as that’s not something that usually is on a good sale AND has a high value coupon (mine was for $1 off, but often times TP coupons are only for .25 -.50 off). The Jolly Time Popcorn was only .50 for the box – which is 81% off! The 4 pound boneless ham was a good buy at $4.99 (41% off). I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and I got many meals out of that one chunk of ham. The Kraft Dressing was free at Price Chopper when combining the sale and my $1.50 off coupon. The Velveeta Shells and Cheese was 56% off at $1 for the box. I’ll mix some chicken and fresh veggies in with it and we’ll have a quick family meal one night when I’m pressed for time or don’t feel like putting forth much effort. The pork tenderloins were BOGO, so 50% off overall.

You’ll notice there wasn’t much in the way of produce this week. That’s because I set aside some money to spend at the Farmer’s Market today! I have found fantastic bargains at the big Farmer’s Market in downtown KC and the bonus is that the produce is fresher and I’m supporting local growers! I’ll likely blog about my finds in next week’s Saturday Savings.

Total Before tax, sales and coupons: $67.91
Total after sales and coupons: $35.28 – 48% off

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