Risks of TTTS

Originally Posted 5.18.07

I had yet another doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon. This one lasted a bit longer than usual because they did a thorough inspection of each baby’s development.

The babies are all growing quite well, and in fact are a bit bigger than the average baby is at this point! They each weigh about 10 oz and are about 8 inches long – no wonder I’m getting so huge! The doctor showed me their hearts, livers, stomachs, spines, bones, brains, etc… I have quite the sheet of ultrasound pictures now!

The doctor also explained to me the risks of Twin to Twin Syndrome, which can affect pregnancies where there is just one placenta shared by multiple babies. Basically, the three boys are all sharing blood and liquid with each other and sometimes it can happen that one baby is taking more blood or liquid then they’re giving back to the other babies which can cause the others to not grow and develop as well. He said right now it all looks good because all three boys are the same size and developing really well!

I asked this doctor (the third one I’ve seen at this office) about travel during Memorial Day Weekend and he said if I was going to travel, now would be the time. I just need to understand that IF something was to happen while in New England that I might be stuck there for a bit, if not for the remainder of the pregnancy. They gave me a print off of my records to bring with me, in case something happens. So, assuming I’m still feeling this great it looks like I will try to venture home in a week! YAY!

On Wednesday night, I think I felt my first hard kick! I was walking and talking at the same time when “wham” there was a very odd feeling in a very specific part of my belly. I can’t even describe what it felt like! Hasn’t happened again, but I bet it won’t be long.

One last fun fact for you all…. you may have noticed it on the front page, but I asked the doctor if he knew the odds of having identical triplets and he and the nurse both agreed that it was 1 in 90 cubed, or 1 in 729,000! Just think – these babies are almost one in a million!

My next appointment is May 31st, so I’ll do another update then!

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