Right Now

Right now, there may or may not be (ok, there is) “foot painting” going on at my house. It’s true. Nick just texted me a picture and if I could figure out a way to share it all with you I would. I can see three very wild boys in the picture, with red paint on their feet…. and on the wood floors. Gah!

You know what though?

I don’t care.

Right now I am enjoying some down time. Some time to finish getting healthy (I finally dragged myself to the doctor on Wednesday, where I was diagnosed with Bronchitis, a sinus infection and an ear infection. Yippee!), some time to recharge, some time to talk with friends and some time to…

Ah yes. Sleep! I am taking my first kid-free night in 18 months. The boys were bummed when I told them I was going to a hotel tonight, but I promised I’d scope it out as a possible place for us to go as a family.

Tonight and tomorrow are for me. I get to attend the women’s conference at our church tonight and tomorrow, and stay in a very fun hotel for tonight. I’m thrilled and almost don’t know what to do with myself! I plan to spend some time doing something I love and haven’t been able to do in months…. edit some pictures I took while walking around our beautiful city last summer. I’m dying to go through them!

Eh, who are we kidding – I’ll be having too much fun talking and sleeping to worry about the pictures!

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  • Kathie

    Helen enjoy your time doing something for yourself. We all need a little time to ourselves to regroup and refresh so we can take care of the others. Adult time will help too. Feel better soon and do get some rest.ReplyCancel

  • I am SO HAPPY that you have had this opportunity, Helen! I’m sorry to be so tardy checking in with your blog. We have A LOT going on here these days. Our youngest, by 16 minutes, at age 37, will be married on March 17!
    They announced their engagement on December 18, so we’ve been extra busy. We’re all excited!ReplyCancel