Resolve: to come to a definite or earnest decision about

Ahhh the start of a new year. The time to take stock in how things went the previous year and where you’d like to improve in the future.

I feel like 2008 was pretty successful for me! I lost 30 pounds, made my own baby food, started and finished each of the boys’ 1st year scrapbooks, joined a mom’s group at church and began attending dinners with the Triplets Plus of Kansas City group. I’m pretty pleased with how the year went, but there is also room for improvement…

In 2009 there are several things I’m resolving to accomplish.

  • Continue to lose weight (I’m so very close to where I want to be) on Weight Watchers
  • Work harder at daily Bible study
  • Notice the people around me who need help and actually do something about it (more about that to come)
  • Read 3-4 parenting books – Any recommendations moms?

Typically by March or April I’ve forgotten what I even resolved to do, but this year will be different. I recently set up a Google Calendar for me in order to keep track of various appointments and events. I am setting up a pop-up reminder to remind me every 8 weeks of my resolutions. Hopefully that will keep me on track throughout the year!

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