Sunday night as I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep I suddenly became very reflective. I was thinking about how crazy it is that I have toddler triplets. How crazy it is that I have triplets period! Then I thought about what Gammy and Pop Pop (my grandparents on my dad’s side) would have said had they been alive when I found out I was pregnant, or what they would say now when they saw three energetic boys.

I’m pretty sure Gammy would have been saying a lot of “oh my land” or “oh my stars”. Pop Pop would have been giddy with excitement, much like he was after my sister won the Miss Shrimp Princess Pageant when she was a little girl (that’s right Laura, I found a way to mention that).

As I thought more and more about my grandparents I thought of a story that most people don’t know…

When I was 19 years old Gammy was admitted to the hospital. She had been there for a few days when I finally had the opportunity to go see her. I didn’t really want to go as I’m not a fan of hospitals, and my dad had told me Gammy was going to be fine and should be home soon. However, my dad repeatedly told me that Gammy would love it if I stopped by so I grudgingly did it.

I arrived at her hospital room to find that she was about to head to a test of some sort. I walked with her, Aunt Susie and a nurse to the elevator and rode down a few floors with them. I remember her asking me how work was going as well as how that young man I was dating was doing (the “young man” was Nick!). As we were chatting something struck me. I couldn’t ever remember telling Gammy or Pop Pop that I loved them nor could I remember hearing it from them. It was just something that was known.

We stepped out of the elevator and paused in front of the room Gammy would have her test in. I leaned down, kissed her on the cheek and told her I loved her. She said she loved me too. Then she, Aunt Susie and the nurse entered the room. That was the last time I saw Gammy. That night she unexpectedly died in her sleep.

I used to think about this story a lot. I feel so blessed that I was nudged to tell my grandmother that I loved her. I still cry when I think about it – yes, even now while I type this. From then on I was very conscience about telling people close to me that I loved them. I told Pop Pop all the time until he passed several years after Gammy.

It goes without saying, but please make sure you tell those that are close to you that you love them. You never know when it may be the last time you speak to or see them.

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