Real Snow

Remember my post earlier this month about our “First Snow” of the year? The snow that gave us a whopping half inch on the ground, but had the boys very excited? That snow is nothing! I think by the time all the snow was done falling finally a couple of days ago we ended up with almost 8 inches in our yard! We had a ball playing outside the other day… (Jackson is in the blue coat, Chase in the yellow and Tyler in the red) And yes, those are Target bags wrapped around their feet – I had no boots so did the next best thing!

Kansas Citians don’t exactly know how to deal with 8 inches of snow. Lots of people got stuck in parking lots, we watched several people attempt to drive down our road and get stuck and then one of our neighbors got stuck pulling into her un-shoveled driveway. Nick and my dad went down to push her car out and then shovel part of the driveway.

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