I blog in my head. Do other bloggers do that? Like, I don’t just think of topics to blog about, but I actually start writing it in my head. I even wrote most of this post in my head. At 1am last night. After Jackson woke up to go to the bathroom and then I couldn’t just fall asleep again. It was actually kind of annoying that I kept writing blog posts in my head at 1am. It was like I couldn’t shut my brain down once I started up again!

Yesterday I read a fun post on The Pioneer Woman. Of course, most of her posts are fun. I just love her blog! Have I ever mentioned that? I originally went to her site for photography tips (and boy, does she have a lot! It’s mostly from tips on her blog that I’ve learned how to shoot in manual on my Nikon and how to play with Photoshop) but found myself checking out her recipes and then her “confessions” section.

Her post yesterday about 10 important things she’s learned about blogging had me laughing and nodding my head. If you blog, or are thinking of blogging, you really should read it, HERE.

Speaking of Pioneer Woman, I made her Cinnamon Bread yesterday and oh my, was it good! It was an all day affair to make, but so worth the wait. I’m quite sure the entire loaf will be gone before 24 hours is up. It’s already 3/4 gone and I’ve had two slices this morning and yet it’s still calling to me from the counter.

I’ve loved photography for a long time. Even when I had a crummy little point and shoot camera with a whopping 3.1 mega-pixels and a flash that was so obnoxious I had to cover it with a piece of cotton ball to dull it a bit, I still would be constantly taking pictures. I didn’t attempt to take “nice” pictures of people, because it just never went well with that camera but I could take lovely scenic shots! In fact, all of the pictures I have hanging on the walls in my house (except for recent pictures of the boys) were taken with that crummy little camera and I always get compliments on them.

Since getting my DSLR last November I’ve been dabbling more in taking pictures of people, primarily the boys (obviously). I dream of someday being good enough to offer my services for a small fee, but have only ever taken pictures of the boys. I changed that this past weekend when I offered to take pictures of a friend’s daughter who had just turned 5. I figured I had to start practicing at some point to see if it was even a possibility. Turns out it was a lot of fun to photograph a 5 year old girl! Much easier to work with than three 3 year old boys… That was probably a given though.

I have been neglectful of my 365 Blog. You know, the blog I started back in January where I pledged to take and post one picture from our day, every day. Well, I realized this weekend I hadn’t updated it since August 1st. Whoops. Then as I was updating it I realized there were quite a few August days I forgot to take a picture! Double whoops! The 365 Blog is now updated through mid-August and I’m going to try to tackle the rest of it today during nap time. While looking through the August shots though, I realized there were quite a few random, fun pictures I never shared on here! I think I was too busy having fun with the Birthday Month Bash giveaways…

I promise Chase was excited about his new fire hat…

You haven’t lived until you’ve hugged a giant turkey.

These monkeys were supposed to be putting toys in the box, not themselves!

Getting ready to play their first board game. Well, try to play their first board game. We’ve learned it’s much easier to teach them games one on one, rather than all at once.

Life is fun around here, isn’t it? Tomorrow morning is the big ultrasound, so my blog post won’t go up until the early afternoon!

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    Great rambling and wonderful pictures of your friend’s little girl.ReplyCancel