Random Thoughts

Now that I’m not as sleep-deprived I have more time for thinking random things…

I miss working. Not enough to want to leave my boys, that’s for sure. I did enjoy what I was doing though (writing radio ad copy) and I loved the people I was working with. I miss the companionship that came with that, which leads me to my next thought….

I miss my friends! There are some people I haven’t seen since about a month before the boys were born – 5 months! Others came by to see me shortly after the boys arrived home and that’s been it. I don’t know if people are scared to come over or just forget, but people are invited to visit! I miss adult conversations. Baby talk just isn’t cutting it 🙂

I cannot wait for spring! I’m already going nuts being trapped inside because of RSV season, which is probably why I’m so starved for friendship and adult conversation. As difficult as it may be to load up three babies and take them out, I fully intend to do that as soon as the dr. gives the all clear this spring.

I’m thankful for the abundance of books available to new parents. Nick and I made a serious blunder in letting the boys stay up too late at night – we thought it would help them sleep better. WRONG! Thankfully, books like “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” exist and in a matter of 5 days the boys are back on track and not nearly as cranky.

I’ve started working out again, thanks to a Christmas gift from Nick’s parents. I received Yourself Fitness which runs on our PlayStation 2. It’s like a personal trainer in my own living room and boy does she kick my butt! After only 6 workouts I feel so much better about myself and am looking forward to shedding the rest of this pregnancy weight 🙂 Thankfully I can still workout even if the boys aren’t napping – they seem to enjoy watching Mommy bounce around the living room like an idiot!

I learned today, thanks to a chart on, that Chase is above average. According to the chart, only a small percentage of children will roll over at 3 months of age and my Chase did just that! It’s nice to know that my boys are doing well developmentally according to their actual age and not their adjusted gestational age (something most preemies go by).

I am blessed beyond belief with an amazing husband. I’ve heard stories from other moms about what a struggle it is just to get their husband to change a diaper, let alone get up for a middle of the night feeding…. My problem? I can’t get Nick to sleep in once in a while! He’s been on vacation for the last 10 days and he refuses to let me do the 7:30am feeding on my own so that he can sleep in. Instead he insists that I sleep in (multiple times I might add) because my job is harder than his. What a guy!

Alright, that’s enough thinking for tonight!

Chase, Jackson and Tyler (front)

Jackson, Tyler and Chase taking a nap together

Well, they were supposed to be napping anyway…

Jackson, Tyler and Chase with all their friends.

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