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Remember that 52 week photography challenge I told you all about, back in February? Thought I’d share some more of my selections from it!

9/52 – Color

I took this early in the week, and held back posting it because I thought surely I’d have something else I’d rather use…

Turns out I keep coming back to the bright colors in this one! Plus, I love that there’s a tiny dimple visible 🙂

10/52 – Personality

My kids are just full of personality, as evident by this “pose” and outfit selected by my “oldest” triplet.

11/52 – Blue

When I saw the theme was “Blue” this week, I knew instantly what I wanted to try to capture…. my baby girl’s big, blueberry eyes (as her grandmother calls them)!

12/52 – Sparkle

Even with 3 boys, a small tube of glitter paint can become a highly coveted (and source of arguing) item!

Processing: basic tweaks in camera RAW and then processed with M4H Basic Primer and Icycles.

13/52 – Nature

This little snail was working his way across our driveway this afternoon. At first, I was shooting just the snail, but then I looked next to me and saw one of my boys staring intently at the snail too, so I moved to the other side of the snail, in order to get my son in the background.

I love the result – it just screams “boy” to me!

14/52 – Home

I really struggled with the theme this week! Yesterday afternoon though, when I saw the reflection of our house in the sunglasses of one of my boys, I knew I had found my picture.

I hollered “Ty! Don’t move!” and I ran inside to grab my camera. You can tell by the look on his face he wasn’t impressed by my request. Ha!

15/52 – Movement

My boys LOVE the carousel at the zoo! When we were there today, the “Movement” theme popped into my head, and I knew I needed to capture the movement of the carousel.


And just for fun – my “Green” entry for a contest, last month.




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  • Torona Reynolds

    Love all of your pictures! They are so good and inspiring!!!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    I love how your mind works as you choose pictures for each theme! You’ve got quite a talent. Enjoy Grammy and Pop Pop — love you all!ReplyCancel