Random Funnies

The fun (and sometimes embarrassment) of toddlers is that you just never know what’s going to come out of their mouths… Case in point, a few recent remarks we’ve heard recently.

Chase: “Mr Nobody, that’s 1. That’s 2. That’s 3. Go to time out Mr. Nobody.” (Mr. Nobody is who sits at the empty chair at our table during meal times.)

The boys saying “bye Nick! Bye Nick!” when he leaves the house.

Tyler singing “Smelly Cat” while sitting in bed.

The boys praying to go back to McDonald’s with a friend. They’re obsessed I tell ya!

Tyler informing me that he would no longer be sad if he could eat a Whoopie Pie.

Sitting at Sonic, getting ready to order a Diet Coke and I hear the following from the back seat: “I’d like a Diet Coke with manilla (vanilla). Nope, that’s it. Thanks.” Think I’ve been too often lately?

Yesterday the boys and I took the Jeep to the mechanic to see why the check engine light was on again. As we were leaving the guy behind the desk was apologizing for the inconvenience of having to come back and I said “no problem!” and waved as I herded my children out the door. Jackson turned around and called “no problem!” much to the amusement of the two guys behind the desk.

I know there were a couple of other things I wanted to include here, but now I can’t remember them! I’m thinking I should just keep a running post saved so that I can just add things as they say them and then post when I’ve got quite a few.

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