Random Fun & Silliness

This post really needs no introduction, other than to say it’s a bunch of pictures of random fun and silliness from life here. Enjoy 🙂

It’s baby Chase!

Work that skirt, Chase 😉

The two L girls – Lily and Laura.

Those boys were way ahead of me at the zoo, when they started holding hands. Love when they do that! (The holding hands part, not the running way ahead part.)

The hat kills me!

The hat on this one (Jackson) kills me too!

Why, hello Nikita!

First group shot at the elephant (at the zoo) with Lily (or at least with Lily standing, I can’t remember if we did one with her in the stroller).

Nice outfit, Ty.

There are easier ways to get out from under a chair, Lily…

Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height!

(It’s an itty, bitty kite I found in the summer section at Target. Perfect size for the boys to fly on their own, and they don’t need much wind!)

Look at that belly! For the record, I love smooshing it.

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