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Videos: I got some simply hilarious videos of the boys this weekend! My dilemma? Which one to show you all first! Oh who knows, maybe you’ll all get a bonus video this week.

Video Games: Nick is on my list this week. All last week the boys begged me after nap time to “watch Mommy play game”. The game? Super Mario Bros. for Wii. Early last week I had been playing when just one kid woke up from their nap. They snuggled next to me on the couch while I played for another couple minutes and from then forward the boys wanted to just watch me play. I wasn’t going to argue! It meant I could sit for a few minutes and they were highly entertained watching out for the bad turtles, penguins and caterpillars.

My lovely little post-nap routine was ruined Saturday afternoon by my husband. Nick had just gotten home, the boys were up from their naps and I was hanging out with some friends I’d had over. The Wii was on (because my friends and I had been testing out a couple of new games) and Nick decided to let the boys “play” Super Mario. Uh oh….

Guess what? Now they don’t want to just watch! They want to play! And they don’t just want to play after naptime… noooooo. I hear “play game right now!” all day long. Nice. I let them play for a bit with Aunt Laura yesterday afternoon, but no way are they playing today or probably tomorrow. Little gamer monsters have been created and now I must tame them ASAP.
Are You Needy? Yesterday morning I skimmed a couple of blogs I hadn’t been to in probably a week or so. One post stuck out to me and even now, 24 hours later I continue to think about it. Usually The Meanest Mom makes me laugh. Yesterday she made me think. Check it out here:
I think that post hit me even more because of a story that was shared in church this weekend. There’s a 24 or 25 year old woman in our congregation who worked 3 jobs, while going to school, in order to buy a house in Africa and then fund the orphanage she started in it! Each year she raises the $50,000 needed to keep it running and staffed and has dreams of buying more houses and starting more orphanages. WOW! Shows you that just one person really can make an impact. If you’re curious, her website is here:
Who Needs A Dog? This weekend Nick and I looked over at the table to see Jackson feeding Chase… Who needs a dog under the table when you have a Chase?
Potty Training Update: It’s been a while since I updated you all on this little venture. We started the process almost 5 months ago now. Chase still rocks at it. Jackson and Tyler finally in the last 3 weeks have started doing #2 on the toilet. Hallelujah! They still aren’t 100% consistant, but I’ll take the 80% right now. They’ve been getting better and better at it. Next up to tackle? Night time training.
When we first trained, the boys all stayed dry at night. Then within a week or so they went back to wetting. Nick and I got tired (after a month of it) of changing the sheets on three cribs every morning, so we started putting them in Pull Ups at night. Occasionally someone will wake up pretty close to dry, but it doesn’t happen often.
I need some insight from you moms who have kids trained at night… The last two nights Chase has woken up in the middle of the night (2:30 am and 3am) saying he had to go potty. The first night he was in a pull up, I got to him and he’d already gone. Last night he insisted on wearing his big boy underwear to bed. He again woke up saying he had to go potty. I bolted out of bed to get him and he’d already gone. I don’t think he had just gone though because his skin was already slightly cool feeling. So here’s what I’m wondering… is this his way of getting closer to night time trained? He never, ever used to wake up in the middle of the night to go. Or is this just a random fluke?
Vote For Us! And finally, I need your votes once again…. Take heart though – you aren’t voting just for me. You’re vote also enters you to win a $25 Target gift card, and who couldn’t use one of those! It doesn’t appear there’s a limit on how often you can vote. Voting ends on Friday, so vote now before you forget! The boys are # 27

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