Random Bits and Pics

Yesterday morning I had a doctor’s appointment and ultrasound. Baby girl is doing great and was messing with the doctor and the u/s tech by being very wiggly. First the doctor had a hard time capturing baby’s heartbeat because she kept squirming away and then the tech had a hard time seeing her face because she was squirming and keeping her hands over her face. The tech did finally capture this shot though (after making a buzzing noise on my belly that made baby girl flinch and move her hands).

(For those of you not used to looking at ultrasound images, I drew her face on in this next shot so that you can see what you’re looking at…)

Not gonna lie – that creeps me out a fair amount!

The Good: She’s healthy. My blood pressure is normal, so that high reading at my last appointment seems to have been a fluke. I passed my gestational diabetes screening with flying colors. She seems determined to be big enough to hold her own with her brothers… even though I’m just shy of 32 weeks, she’s measuring like I should be 35-36 weeks. She has long legs and already weighs about 5.5 pounds! Chase was the biggest of the boys and only weighed 4 pounds 7 ounces at birth (33 weeks 3 days). All I have to say about her size is good thing she’s coming via c-section! Oh and I got to see her yawn during the ultrasound – seriously cute moment!

The Bad: She still has fluid around her kidneys. After she’s born, they’ll perform an ultrasound on her to see  how severe the problem is. She likely will be put on antibiotics (to prevent recurring kidney infections) and be on them until the problem corrects itself (usually around 3-6 months of age). Worst case scenario she’ll need surgery, but my doctor assured me it’s rare for that to happen.

This past Saturday I traumatized the boys… My pregnant belly was requested to play Mary for the Early Childhood Kids. When the boys walked into the large group time and saw me sitting there they were concerned, to put it mildly. They wouldn’t budge on their own and Chase spent the whole time scowling at me. Jackson, when picked up to be brought closer to me, began to cry and kick his legs.

I don’t know, do I look like a scary Mary?

After talking to the boys when the service was over (and I was out of my costume), it came out that one of their concerns was that it wasn’t Nick sitting next to me. Tyler wouldn’t talk to me for about 10 minutes after we picked the boys up in their room. He just kept looking at me. The whole thing just cracked me up!

Speaking of Christmas fun, last week we did a fun family outing to look at Christmas Lights at a nearby park! The boys loved it and keep begging to go back again.

After driving through the display, we headed to a pizza place to use a Groupon I bought a couple of months ago. The place was dead, the service was nothing to write home about, the pizza was decent and the boys enjoyed having run of the place. Here are some silly pictures they took with Nick, after dinner.

The winner of the Old El Paso dinner kit and $10 pre-paid Visa is commenter # 10 Andrea! Congrats Andrea! I’ll be e-mailing you shortly.

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  • Even though she was trying to hide her face and needed a little encouragement…that picture of her face is WONDERFUL! So precious!ReplyCancel

  • Ha Ha! That story is hilarious! She is precious. Praying for your baby girl.ReplyCancel

  • i have a similar picture of one of the boys. freaky! but it doesn’t look like him, i don’t think.ReplyCancel