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When I asked Chase just now what I should blog about he told me “oatmeal and going to McDonald’s”. Hmmmm…. I don’t recall doing either of those things recently. Instead I’ll entertain you all with random bits of information.

I’m being featured today over at Multiples and More! Fun!

Three Times the Giggles now has a fan page on Facebook! Yes, I know I have too much time on my hands… I thought of doing it 6-8 months ago but thought it was silly. Then this week I saw some blogs I read started fan pages and so I caved to the peer pressure yesterday. You can become a fan by using the little “fan box” to the right, or by clicking here.

I added a new cookie to my Etsy Shop yesterday! Meet The C3 Cookie!

Just a little cookie I whipped up that contains chocolate chips, coconut and dried cranberries.
We’re now a week into this one car family thing and so far it’s not been too terrible. There have been a couple of afternoons it would have been nice to run an errand with the boys and then stop off at Sonic for a Happy Hour Diet Coke, but I’ve survived.
I’m finally almost done with the Couch to 5K running program. I was derailed for almost 3 months thanks to the exceptionally cold and snowy winter we had here, but I got right back into it just as soon as the paths were clear of snow. Today I started Week 9 – the final week! 
On Thursday I’ll have a giveaway for you all! 
Last night I updated our 365 Blog, so there are lots of pictures there you can see!
That’s all I’ve got. Oh and these cute pictures of the boys….

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