Rainy Days

I used to love rainy days. They make for great napping weather and it’s nice to have some downtime in the house, cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie or read books. My attitude towards rainy days is quickly changing though…

Let me break something down for you. Usually the average high temp in October in Kansas City is 71 degrees. A perfect 71. Know what our average high has been this month so far? Between 45-52. To make matters worse, most of those days it has been cloudy and raining. We were teased this past weekend and early this week with some nice, 70 degree days but yesterday it started raining again and it’s continued on into today. YUCK!

So what’s a mom to do when it rains…. and rains…. and rains? Break out the playdough!

If those shirts look a little familiar it’s because the boys have worn them virtually every day since last Thursday. Seriously. They’re lucky we do laundry most every night 😉

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