Q&A Time

You all have been a little quiet this week, so I think it’s time for something interactive!


I can’t remember the last time we did this, so it’s obviously been a while. Here’s how Q&A works – post your question(s) in the comments section below. The only questions off limits are: my kids’ middle names, our last name, what city exactly we live in (Kansas City area is as close as you’ll get), and what my favorite food is. Ok, that last one was a joke. 😉

I’ll answer the questions in a post next Tuesday!

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  • Allie

    I don’t have children yet (I’m only 17!), but I do find myself thinking ahead and picturing my future children. When you were younger, did you ever fantasize about your future offspring, and did you ever have a feeling that you’d have triplets? If not, what did you think you would have?ReplyCancel

  • Allie

    I love photography, so here’s a photography question! How do you get your clients’ children to warm up to you and get into the photoshoot?ReplyCancel

  • Kat

    Would love to see how you live. The boys room etc.
    btw, I love your blog 🙂ReplyCancel

  • What one piece of advice would you give a girl expecting triplets? I’m curious. And also what one thing do you love and hate about having triplets, and about having a singleton- comparing the two.ReplyCancel

  • Julia

    What are some of the favorite tv shows in the house, both with you and with the boys. Do they have a screen time limit with things like that?ReplyCancel

  • Can Chase, Tyler, and Jackson answer this question? If they were to live on an island, what item would they bring? (Or another question would be where is their favorite spot to vacation?)ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany

    Just out of curiosity, why don’t you want to reveal the boys’ middle names? I understand not wanting your last name known, but I’m thrown as to why the middle names?

    And now for my real question! Haha

    I’ve noticed that the boys seem to wear whatever they (or you) want. Did you ever dress them identically, and did you feel pressure from family etc. to either dress them alike or completely different from each other?ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte

    If you see an item of clothing you like for the boys, do you automatically buy three of the same or similar items?

    What have you most enjoyed about having a little lady in the house?

    Do the boys ever feel any negative effects of being triplets?

    How do you think Lily has been influenced by her brothers while she’s been growing up?

    Thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

  • K

    Do they always know who’s who? Or are they sometimes struggling with “which brother is it” (Read something like this on another triplet blog: “mom, is this X or Y”?)ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    How did you decide which boy is going to be named Chase/Jackson/Tyler?ReplyCancel

  • Monica S

    What all does the kid of the day get to choose? How did you decide who got to be the first kid of the day? Will you intergrate Lily in the mix when she is 2 1/2?

    How did you transition from cribs to toddler beds? Was it easy or a constant struggle to keep them in bed?ReplyCancel

  • You this idea and may have to steal it. Can’t wait to see the answers.ReplyCancel