Q and A

A week or so ago (it’s hard to tell for sure because I seem to have no concept of time anymore) I saw a fellow blogger (Rachael at Little Bites of Heaven) do a Q & A session on her blog. I thought that seemed like fun and a good idea, especially considering some of my newer followers probably don’t know a lot of our background story, pregnancy stuff, details of the boys’ early months, etc.

So here’s how it works – you ask the questions by commenting on this blog post and later this week I’ll answer them all in a new blog post! There are only a couple of things that are off limits: middle and last names and where exactly we live (Kansas City area is all you need to know). Don’t be shy, and ask away!

You’ll also be happy to know that I got some excellent video footage this weekend so we’ll have a fun “Video Clip of the Week” on Wednesday!

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