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Thanks for participating in my second Q & A Session! I didn’t get nearly as many questions this time, which means I can answer them all in one (looong) shot! We’ll do it again this fall, now on to the answers.

1. You mentioned a while back that you are on WW. I am also on WW and was wondering if you had any great recipes. I also have a couple chicken recipes that I think Nick and the boys might like. – Kathie

  • I really enjoy cooking and baking, so don’t tend to make the same things over and over. My two favorite cook books have nutrition information in them, so I can easily figure the points from that. The times when I’m either making up my own recipe or I have one without the NI I’ll use the free recipe builder on to figure it out. I always welcome new recipes – if you want to send me one send it to discjockeyhelen (at) yahoo (dot) com.

2. How is the potty training going? – Sarah

  • It’s going fairly well considering how laid back we’ve been about it. Chase has peed in the toilet several times in the last couple of weeks. The other two have yet to do that, but they have improved by showing genuine interest in what they’re supposed to be doing on there and with telling us they have to go. Actually, all three will occasionally tell us when they have to go but we’ve yet to get them there quickly enough. After all of our visitors are gone at the middle of the month we’re going to kick things into high gear with Chase first. I’m sure that will generate lots of entertaining blogs 😉

3. Hi Helen, I saw below you talked about “stacking coupons.” Are you talking about taking one of the coupons you get at the checkout and then using a circular coupon on top of that? I didn’t think you could do that, but if I’m wrong, that is great to know! – Erin

  • Many stores (Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc) will put out “store coupons” meaning those coupons can only be used in their store. Walgreen’s weekly flier for example always has some coupons in the flier. Those coupons can be combined with a manufacturer coupon on the very same item. For example, I received some Target coupons in the mail last week (I’m on their mailing list). One of those coupons was for .50 off Reynold’s Foil. I also have a $1 off Reynold’s foil coupon from one of my recent Sunday papers. I can use both of those coupons on ONE box of foil next time I’m in Target, therefore saving $1.50! It’s a sweet deal when you can stack coupons. Now you mentioned coupons that print at the checkout – you’ll need to read those carefully. In many grocery stores I believe those coupons will say “manufacturer coupon” but other times (like at CVS) they will be a store coupon, in which case you can stack it.

4. Do you like having the ads on your blog? Do you actually generate money from them? I was thinking about placing some on my blog, but wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Thanks!!! – Erin

  • I don’t like having the ads on my blog, but I do appreciate the little bits of money I earn. I’m trying a new company right now (Commission Junction) but I’m not thrilled so far. I was earning more using Google Adsense. The bad thing is you don’t get a check until you’ve earned $100 and that will take me a looong time at this rate.

5. You may have answered this before, forgive me… what did you do before you were a stay at home mom? – Ethan, Zach and Emma’s Mom

  • Before I had the boys I was working for a large Christian talk radio network (Bott Radio Network) writing ad copy (commercials), assisting the local sales team and approving the “commercials” on the non-commercial stations in the network. I’ve always loved radio and hope to someday return to it! My real love has always been on-air (voicing commercials, DJing, etc).

6. What do you wish you could have or do on a regular basis that would help prevent “mommy burnout”? – Brenda

  • I think that probably getting out on a regular basis just to hang out with friends or with Nick would do wonders for that “mommy burnout”. I get out of the house plenty right now but it’s for grocery shopping, running errands or attending meetings. I crave more casual “hang out” time!

7. When do you think you’ll all go on your next family vacation? – Brenda

  • I suspect we’ll talk about attempting one next year. We’d like to try to get back to New England every couple of years. A lot will depend on how many frequent flier miles we have racked up, as next time we fly we’ll have to buy 5 seats. Ugh!!

8. Do you and Nick do “date nights” around the house if you can’t get out alone? If so what do you do and how often? – Brenda

  • I definitely wouldn’t call what we do around the house a date night. While we probably should make more of an effort to do that, we don’t. Sometimes I have plans to do something like sitting on the deck together or making us a nice dinner or desert to eat after bedtime but then we get caught up in the cleaning and doing things around the house and it never happens. Instead we end up on the couch watching a movie or TV together.

9. Other than when the boys were in the NICU have you ever spent a night away from them? – Brenda

  • Nick and I have each spent a night (or two or three) away from the boys, but never at the same time.

10. Do you ever ask others to watch the boys so you & Nick can get a night (or day) out, or do you feel awkward asking? – Brenda

  • We’ve felt free to ask the people who have made several offers to come watch the boys. I hate telling some of the high school girls that we can’t afford to pay them, but they never seem to mind so I don’t know why I let it bother me. I think our problem with getting out is lack of planning far enough in advance to make it work with our sitters’ schedules.

11. Do you think you will sign the boys up for any sort of activities and when do you think you will start? – Krista

  • I would love to sign the boys up for swimming lessons this winter! The community center near by offers swimming lessons in classes of 3 starting at age 2.5 and the parent doesn’t need to be in the water. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the winter!

12. If someone offered you a free tummy tuck a la Kate would you do it? – Krista

  • In a heartbeat! That pregnancy did a number on my belly… the loose skin is tough to hide sometimes.

13. When during the day do you workout and what sorts of workouts do you do? Do you always do the same thing? – Krista

  • I always workout in the mornings now. Several times I’ve “intended” to workout during nap time or in the evening when Nick gets home and it just never happens. I’m either tired or find other “more important” things to do. I generally use various work out DVDs (Pilates, Yoga, Walk Away the Pounds, 30 Day Shred). I also have Yourself Fitness on my PS2, which has now been released for Wii under the name My Fitness Coach. For the last week though I’ve been enjoying early morning walks! I’ve been taking them by myself and leaving my i-pod at home. Something about the silence and open dialog I get to have with God for those 30 minutes has been so refreshing and such a great start to my day.

14. Where in Maine are you from? My family is from DownEast Maine. – Momma Z

  • I grew up in Mid-Coast Maine, about 2 miles from Pemaquid Point (half way between Boothbay and Camden). The lighthouse that is on the state Quarter for Maine is Pemaquid Point Light! Always makes me miss home when I see those quarters…
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