Pushed to the Limit

Blogging has been a great source of release for me. Not only do I get to brag about my kiddos but I get to continue to utilize my writing skills. (For those unfamiliar with my background, I was a radio ad copy writer before and during my pregnancy.) Brace yourself now for a little venting from this tired mama.

Yesterday I reached my breaking point. In the early months of having three tiny babies in the house I reached that breaking point several times, but it’s been quite a while since it happened. The last two days have been horrible. The boys somehow reached a state of being over-tired, were super crabby and driving each other and me crazy.

I expect Wednesdays to be bad; it’s a long day here at the house. Nick leaves for work at his normal time but then doesn’t get home until well after the boys are in bed for the night. Usually on Wednesdays I just tread water until bed time and then I collapse on the couch for a few minutes before cleaning up the house. This past Wednesday bed time couldn’t come fast enough and I thought with relief “at least tomorrow will be better”. Unfortunately I think it was worse….

It turns out the boys woke up quite early yesterday morning. I didn’t know this until I spoke to Nick mid-day, but it sure explained a lot. Tyler and Jackson had been crying, whiny and clingy all morning and were driving me up the wall. Chase, thankfully, was in pretty decent spirits. I prayed for a nice long afternoon nap so that the boys would be in better moods in the afternoon. No such luck though! The boys were up and ready to go less than 90 minutes after I had put them down. I knew I was in trouble then.

The afternoon consisted of one precious moment – Chase was chasing (hehe, that sounds funny) his brothers around the house and when he would catch them he would hug them from behind. Awww! From there things went down hill…. Tyler thought the chase game was fun but decided to kick it up a notch. He thought it would be fun to chase Jackson, tackle him and then try to bite him if he tried to get away. This upset Jackson a great deal and then it upset Tyler when I pulled them apart. This “game” went on for a good 30 minutes. By the end of the 30 minutes Tyler and Jackson were wound tightly and rarely stopped crying and/or whining. It was then that I decided today was not the day to try to go without a Diet Coke.

By 5pm I was at my wits end. I called Nick at 5:10 to make sure he wasn’t running any errands then I broke down crying. When Nick arrived home 10 minutes later I was kneeling on the living room floor crying, while the boys whined around me – until they saw Nick. Then all was well in the world.

I had a moment of irritation when I realized Nick never sees just how bad things get here because as soon as he comes home, all is forgotten and the boys are full of giggles! I then remembered I should just be thankful the crying and whining had stopped.

If you’ve made it through this whole post, than congrats. I promise to be in a better blogging mood on Monday, when I’ll be handing out a couple of blog awards!

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