Pumpkin Patch Fun

I realize today is Wednesday and that usually means “Video Clip of the Week”, but I don’t have a video to share! Here’s the thing… Chase has really gotten into singing along with songs. He’s quite good and remembers a shocking number of words to the 15 or so songs we listen to on a regular basis. The problem though is he doesn’t like to be video taped or even watched for that matter! I’m trying to be sneaky and catch him on film… hopefully by next week.

Now before you all riot on me, I do have something to make up for it. Tomorrow I’ll be announcing my biggest giveaway yet – valued at almost $250! Get excited people and make sure you check back tomorrow!

For now you can enjoy some pictures from the boys’ very first trip to a pumpkin patch…

Tyler in blue, Jackson in red, Chase in stripes
I’m sorry to say those porta potties were a part of the trip…. Yep. The boys have now used a porta potty. Awesome. Why is it I always feel like I need a Hazmat suit when I go in one of those things? Ick!
Thanks for those of you who have voted for me for Blog of the Year over at Multiples and More! Voting ends at 9pm EST tonight and I’m only down by about 60! Considering I average about 200 readers a day and only have 90+ votes so far, I should be able to catch the leader if everyone who hasn’t voted yet, does! It’s easy – go HERE and then scroll half way down the page until you see the voting polls on the right hand side. Blog of the Year is one of the last categories. Thanks!

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