Preschool Christmas Show

Yesterday morning was the boys’ last day of school until January (they are so bummed they won’t have school for a couple of weeks!), and the preschool ended the morning with their little Christmas show. Each class sang 2 songs, and I’ll tell you this right now… I wish I had taken video of the class after the boys, because there are few things funnier than hearing a group of 4 year olds sing shout Feliz Navidad. HILARIOUS!

All that being said, the boys’ little performance was pretty cute and Ty even started to get a little hip action in on one of the songs. Here’s the video!

Boy, oh boy are the girls in their class tall! I took some pictures during the performance, but I was standing at the back of the room and the pictures are just terrible. I told Nick it was one of the few times I’ve wished for a zoom lens. Here’s one I cropped in a bit closer and cleaned up slightly.

After the show we enjoyed some cookies and then before we left I talked the boys into standing in front of one of the big trees. I wanted to put Lily in the picture too, but that would have required taking her bottle away before she was done with it and that wouldn’t have given us a nice picture. Ha!

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  • Cindy in San Antonio

    So cute! Thanks for posting. Loved the stills at the end. Enjoy them, they will be in high school in a few weeks (at least it will seem like that).ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    We will make at least one week go fast for them. Lots to do !!ReplyCancel