Prematurity Awareness Day

November is Prematurity Awareness month and today is Prematurity Awareness Day. Considering my own babies were preemies and I have friends who had preemies, I find this day and month very interesting (and important!).

Did you know that 1 out of 8 babies is born prematurely (born before 37 weeks)? 1 out of 8! I had no idea the number was so high. Today March of Dimes released a prematurity report card for the nation and individual states. The “grade” is based on how many of the births in each state and the nation as a whole are premature. The nation received a D. Kansas (where the boys were born) also received a D.

Sure, there has been an increase in preemie births along with the increase in multiple births but multiple births certainly aren’t the only reason for a premature delivery. Sometimes there are circumstances that mom and doctors just can’t do much about and that’s where the research of March of Dimes comes in. Other times though the mother’s lifestyle and habits could lead to a premature birth and that’s where the education of March of Dimes comes in.
Last spring I walked with the boys in the March for Babies. We raised over $600 for prematurity research and education. If you’re in the Kansas City area (or would like to come here to join us), we invite you to mark May 3rd on your calendar and consider joining us on the walk! Together we can work to give every preemie baby a fighting chance and reduce the number of preemie births to begin with.
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