Potty Training, Here We Come!

Ok, so the title of this post is a bit misleading. After all, we officially started PTing the boys back in early spring. However, that was more of a casual “Get To Know You” for the boys and the toilet. Sunday we’re starting for real (or hard core as I’ve told some). My biggest motivation? The $100 a month we spend on diapers and wipes.

Chase seems like he’ll be easiest to train (he’s actually peed on the toilet a few times and he wakes up in the morning not nearly as wet as his brothers usually), so he’ll be my first victim, er candidate. This morning I took the little man to Kohls to pick out some big boy underwear!

A couple of times he reached for Disney princesses – good thing Nick wasn’t there to see that! He finally decided though on Mickey Mouse (which leaves Elmo, Disney, Cars and Thomas for Jackson and Ty to pick from in the coming weeks).

This one just makes me laugh!

He looked at them the whole way home.

Sunday morning Chase will say “bye-bye” to diapers and we’ll never look back. Hopefully. That’s how we got rid of bottles (cold turkey) and it worked like a charm. I’ll be following a plan/tips laid out in an e-book I have, but more about that Monday when I let you all know how day (and night) 1 went!

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