Potty Talk

My boys are showing their true “boyness” now. They’ve begun “potty talk”. You know, talking about poop and pee. Good times.

As I type this, they’re all sitting on the couch, watching a Baby Einstein DVD (their request!) and discussing which babies look like they’re ready to poop and/or have their diaper changed.

The other day they were pretending they were babies with poopy diapers that needed to be changed. The “changing” though was really just a brother throwing the pretend poop into the air behind him. I think I’ll need to correct that before we have dirty diapers in a few months.

Is this desire for potty talk just some innate thing in boys? Because Nick and I sure don’t talk about this stuff, nor do we laugh at them when they do; instead we try to redirect the conversation. It’s not working very well!

Good thing they’re cute…

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  • Just so you know you are not alone. My son turned three in August and has begun the potty talk. His main focus is butt, butt crack, poop, and poop butt. He throws the words into regular conversation a lot. He also likes to ask his 1 year old brother if he has a poop butt then they both laugh.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy in San Antonio

    Having 4 grandsons, I think that potty talk is in their genes. Also, they have started pre-school and they DO learn a lot from other kids!ReplyCancel

  • I’d say it was hereditary, through male genes, but I wouldn’t want to offend Nick. 🙂 We have the same chatter, except passing gas is like the “coolest” discussion – as far as he’s concerned, not me. Going to school and being exposed to other little boys doesn’t help matters.ReplyCancel

  • RoseAnne

    hahahahaha! This post is too funny! 😀 Boys, you gotta love ’em.ReplyCancel

  • Yep, totally a boy thing. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Andrea

    I don’t want to upset you any, but my two girls do that sort of thing All. The. Time. And have for the last two years or so. I keep hoping it’ll pass. When they try it at really bad times, like the dinner table, I tell them that “potty talk” belongs in the bathroom. (It only sometimes works.)ReplyCancel

  • Auntie Laura

    hahahaha that’s hilarious because the last time I saw you, Chase would pick up a naked baby doll and point to it’s bottom and say “Poppy Butt” or maybe it was “Poopy Baby” either way.. poop was used and the other two would laugh a lot after he would say it. I just ignored the entire thing cause I found it kind of odd.ReplyCancel

  • It’s normal for ALL kids. All of mine and all that I’ve seen, anyway. My 3 year old son likes to announce very loudly when his “poopoo is coming” or his “peepee is coming”. In the store. In church. Wherever. And certainly don’t let anybody burp or pass gas. It’s all over at that point.ReplyCancel

  • Oh, gosh, you’re in for a LONG haul on the potty talk! My twin boys are almost 7, and they still think that bowel movements, nudity, farts, boogers, boobs and assorted body parts and bodily functions are hysterical and must be mentioned in every conversation. Some days, I actually dream blissfully about the teen years when I can’t get a word out of them! Just kidding about that (usually), but the potty talk does get old.ReplyCancel

  • Love it! I found your blog through Bing. I want to subscribe to your RSS feed… IF I could find that button.ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    As boys grow into men, we just learn not to talk that way around women. That talk is for the locker room or in the woods…. We never really grow out of it, we learn to restrain ourselves in public. At least some of us do.ReplyCancel

  • judy comstock

    One day my husband said “poop and pee”. I looked at him as if to ask, “where did that comes from?” Well, of course…that was his bosses favorite phrase when frustrated or something didn’t work. Get use to it, Helen.ReplyCancel