Poor Chase’s Legs Are Broken

We have a policy in this house in regards to whining. I don’t understand whining. Period. If my children want something, they need to ask without whining. Chase isn’t a fan of the policy, and resorted to spontaneously broken legs the other day in order to try to get me to listen to him….

Chase was laying in the hall, whining for me to come to him. After listening to him whine a few times I reminded him that I don’t listen to whiners. Then he said…

“Mommy, come over here. I can’t come there, my legs are broken.”

So already at 3 years we are suffering from both selective hearing and broken limbs. My poor boys.

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  • Oh, how funny…the things kids say! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Oh the whining, it drives me insane too. We have almost hit 3 and have just started with the creative excuses. This morning an alligator was blocking the door so my son couldn’t get his brother’s pacifier.ReplyCancel

  • Ha! Funny boy. 😉
    None of that around here either! 🙂ReplyCancel