Pool Time

This past weekend it was finally warm enough to bring out the baby pool! Last year the boys didn’t quite know what to think of the pool. Not much happened… Remember this from last summer? (Actually this is almost a year ago exactly! May 30, 2008)

This year the boys were a bit hesitant at first, but Tyler finally took the “plunge” and stepped in first.

Before we knew it all kinds of fun was being had! Jackson’s favorite thing to do is to jump up and down in place several times followed by falling backwards onto his rear end. I think it looks like it hurts but he finds it hilarious!

A little while into pool time I told Nick we should make the Little Tikes slide end in the pool. He didn’t think that was a good idea so we went back to watching the boys play. About 5 minutes later Tyler got out of the pool, pointed at the slide and then pointed at the pool. I swear that’s a true story! The kid is a dare devil 🙂

Yesterday while the boys were playing in the pool I worked in my garden at the front of the house. When I left the water was nice and clean and when I came back it looked like this…

Apparently the pool was too close to some dirt this time!

**Yes, those are the same bathing suits as last year! Gotta love that BabyGap stuff runs big! The suits were big on the boys last summer, but perfect this summer!

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