Picture Palooza

Before I get to the pictures I want to give you a quick health update. My MRI on Friday was about as much fun as you would expect. Yesterday I met with a neurologist to discuss the results. You’ll all be happy to know my brain is normal! The neurologist performed some random tests in her office and found me to be “perfect”. Ahh, I loved the praise of yesterday! She did notice though that it looked like there was a tiny hole in the temporal membrane in my ear. She said if I have even a tiny bit of fluid leaking into that hole that could be what’s been causing all this. She referred me to an ENT to have it checked out. She also suggested I could take some Benadryl each night before bed and it might help dry up any fluid that’s in there. You know what though? Sunday and Monday I didn’t have one lightheaded spell! That hasn’t happened in 3-4 weeks! If this continues then I’m going to cancel the ENT appointment at the end of the week.

Alright, on to the pictures! First up, pictures from when I got desperate….

Yep. That would be the boys’ bounce house IN my living room!

Then, this past Friday we got a bunch of white, fluffy stuff. You seriously should have seen the snow when it was coming down! The flakes were some of the biggest I’d ever seen. It was gorgeous and it piled up fast. The boys had a ball playing in it and I had a ball taking some pictures of the beauty in my backyard.
This was the last picture I took of the boys – Nick had taught them to throw snowballs at me, so when this masked Jackson came at me with a snowball I decided it was time to put the camera in the house.


Oh, and I know I’ve been slacking on my 365 Blog. I have a bunch of pictures, I just haven’t had time to load them. I’ll take care of that during nap time today!

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