Photographing Three Two Year Olds

Thanks to a smokin’ Black Friday weekend deal on photo cards, I was forced  highly motivated to get a Christmas Card worthy picture of my munchkins. I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult… after all, I got some great shots at our two-year photo shoot! Turns out a lot can change in 3 months…

Saturday morning we dressed the boys in the sweaters I snagged on clearance last year at The Children’s Place and we headed to a nearby park with my lovely new camera (which I’m still figuring out).


I had a vision for some cute shots but the boys were not cooperating. At all. Apparently two year olds have minds of their own and don’t like to be “directed”. Nick and I were trying all kinds of “fun” places to sit (that used to work long enough for me to get a couple of pictures!) but that didn’t work at all…

(That’s Chase in the middle with the nasty “owie” on his nose. Thanks to PhotoShop I was able to fix that in the final picture I chose!)
Jackson & Tyler
Chase, Jackson & Tyler
Jackson, Tyler & Chase
At one point they all headed for the bushes. Why, we don’t know.
When two of them (Chase & Tyler) plopped down in the bushes Nick decided to stop trying to herd them out and instead take advantage by plopping Jackson down next to them!
Hmmm… A little too woodsy of a feel for my liking.
As a last resort we stopped at this bench on the way out of the park. Cute shots, but still not quite what I was looking for…
L-R: Tyler, Jackson, Chase
After I got home and looked through the hundreds of pictures I snapped I realized there was nothing I was super excited about, so I went to Plan B. Plan B went pretty well and when combined with a picture from Plan A we had a winner of a Christmas Card! Now you’ll all have to come back next week to see what it looks like (I want those on our mailing list to see it first, thus the delay in posting it here)!

Props to all of you professional photographers who have figured out how to get multiple two year olds to all sit or stand in the same place at the same time!

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