A little over a week ago, the kiddos and I ventured out for the members only night at the zoo. The skies looked a little ominous and the FOTZ (Friends of the Zoo) events are notoriously jam packed with people, but I decided to risk it anyway. Solo, of course!

Know what? It turned out to be an absolutely perfect night with my kids. The crowds were small, it wasn’t too hot (thanks to the clouds) and the kids had a ball.

Lily and Jackson, waiting for the carousel ride to start.

Chase & Ty opted to ride animals instead of the bench.

We spent a whole lot of time watching a magician, which is where Chase got this hat. He helped “make” it during a trick, and the magician let him keep it. The boys were absolutely enthralled by this guy’s tricks and I had to keep saying “come on, let’s go look at animals”! Truthfully though, he’s a good magician; I had the pleasure of watching him at our mom’s group year end celebration, and enjoyed his show then too!

We enjoyed a light dinner, rides on a nearly empty train and seeing some of the nocturnal animals moving around. Seriously – the boys were thrilled to finally see the red panda doing something other than sleeping!

It’s not often I can say an outing with all four kids, by myself, was perfection, but this trip to the zoo certainly was!

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