I know, I know. I’ve been a bad blogger this fall! Whoops! Do you ever get so far behind on something that you start to think you’ll never catch up, so instead you move on to something else more pressing? That’s been me with the blog lately. I still have so many summer pictures and stories I want to share, and yet here we are in October already! AND, to make matters worse, I’m in the throws of my busy season for my photography business.

I did want to tell you all about some peace Nick and I have with the current school classroom situation, and I’ve only been meaning to tell you for a couple of weeks now. Whoops, again!

Triplets in the classroom

A couple of weeks ago the principal called me to let me know approval had come in to hire a 4th kindergarten teacher. The three classrooms were already bursting at the seams, and the principal had told me this would be a possibility way back on the 2nd day of school. He wanted to know if Nick and I wanted to put all three boys in the new class, so that they could be together. We were so appreciative of his offer, and we told him we’d discuss and let him know the next day!

Long story short, Nick and I went around and around on it that night, and then discussed the situation with the three kindergarten teachers and the 1st grade teacher they spend time with each morning (together). They answered our questions and concerns, and told us they would fully support whatever our decision was. We did not ask the boys their thoughts on the matter.

The verdict? Keep things as they are.

I bet that surprises you, huh? It surprised me. Here’s why we came to this conclusion though.

The current set up, of separate rooms, but also seeing each other for an hour and a half to two hours in the 1st grade room is working beautifully!

We were concerned with the class sizes getting smaller that the boys would lose that first grade time, but we’ve been told that will continue.

We were concerned if we said “let’s keep them as is” that it would still be possible one of the boys would be shifted to the new class (they’re pulling 6 kids from each of the current rooms and putting them in the 4th room), but the teachers assured me they’d already figured that would be rough on us at home, so they wouldn’t do that to us.

There is talk of testing the boys (Jackson especially) for the gifted program. If Jackson is the only one to get in, his teacher wondered if it would be more noticeable to the other two that he was gone for most of a day if they were all in the same class. When they’re in different rooms, they may know Jackson is going somewhere for a bit, but it wouldn’t be as obvious to them that it was for so much of the day. I appreciated her throwing that out there, because it was a scenario Nick and I hadn’t thought of, and she’s absolutely right.

The first grade teacher confirmed that the boys do really wonderfully together in her classroom, and she mentioned we can still revisit putting them back together next year. Just because we choose to stay apart now, does not mean it ruins the chance for next year.

We’re really clicking with the current teachers, and while I’m sure the new teacher will be great too, who knows how long it would take us to get on the same page as him/her. Plus, the boys love their current teachers.

So we decided to keep things as is. And you know what? For the first time this school year, I feel totally at peace about it. I hated feeling like I was giving up all control, and I felt like I was telling them “you win – you were right”, but I knew this was a good situation for the boys right now. Being at peace with this is such a relief!

You know what else? I’ve come to really love and respect these teachers. It is so incredibly evident that they love our boys, and really just want what is best for them. That right there is worth it’s weight in gold.


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