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Once upon a time, a couple bought a house. The house was what we like to call “move-in ready”, meaning it had clean, off-white carpet, and freshly painted walls. While off-white carpet and beige walls weren’t exactly what this couple had in mind for their first home, move-in ready was what they needed, for the wife was 6 months pregnant with identical triplets.

Fast forward 3.5 years, and the move-in ready carpet has taken a beating. Potty training 3 boys, plus random spills of food and drink has left the carpet in a sad, sad state. On a whim, the husband decides to pull up a corner of carpet and take a peek at what’s underneath… and what to our wondering eyes should appear (sorry – I have Christmas on the brain right now), but hardwood floors that made us shed a tear! (We didn’t really cry – I just had to rhyme with “appear”.)

So about 6 months later the husband says “I can do this myself!”, but maybe we should test this on just a small section of the house. The carpet was ripped up in the dining area first, because of all the places to put carpet, that seemed the worst. With a rented sander and a huge stack of sanding pads, he got to work and it didn’t look half bad! (Man, I’m on a role with the rhyming right now!)

All that being said, the job took a lot longer and was more pricey than expected, and so for just over 2 years, we lived with the carpet still on the floor in the living room and hallway. Until this month!!

Three Times the Giggles_0025

That, right there? That’s how we really live, but it bugged me that you couldn’t really see the carpet, so I cleaned it up;)

Three Times the Giggles_0026

You’ll just have to trust me that the carpet used to be much lighter in color, not to mention not as matted down. And Chase got a little silly when the camera came out!

Three Times the Giggles_0027

These were snapped quickly just before we had to vacate the house for the floor guys we hired. Notice all the staining and crud on the floors? Yick! And over where you see Jackson’s legs in the corner, there was a big slab of uggo tile on top of the floor.

Three Times the Giggles_0028

Notice the slight shading different between the two rooms? (It’s tough, I know – terrible lighting that morning!) Nick had done the room the boys are standing in, which is why it’s lighter here.

Just 36 hours later….

Three Times the Giggles_0029

Do you hear the angels singing as you look at this?! Needless to say, we LOVE our new floors! (There’s normally an area rug on the floor, but I rolled it up just for the pictures.)

Three Times the Giggles_0030
Three Times the Giggles_0031

So next up on the home improvement list? Paint! Nick is already working on the trim, which was in sorry, sorry shape, and I’m currently looking at paint colors for the walls. Time for our little house to have a lot of TLC!

Seeing as we’re almost to Christmas and the end of 2013 already (eek!) I thought I better play catch-up here! So what’d we do in November?

Identical Triplets Blog_0002

We attended Family Literacy Night at the boys’ school! The boys all read a new book in the library, and then filled out a book report form and had their picture taken to be displayed in the library. And then we wandered to a classroom (Chase’s!) to “fish” for words, and then build silly sentences out of the words they caught.

Identical Triplets Blog_0003

It was on this night that the first grade teacher  the boys’ see daily, hooked Lily up with her very own “Read!” t-shirt! She loves wearing it, especially on Wednesdays when the boys all wear their Read shirts to school:)

Identical Triplets Blog_0004

The Cat in the Hat was there, which the kids were all excited about!

Identical Triplets Blog_0005

Then we all went into the music room for a little karaoke! Yep. Karaoke. Know why that was included in Family Literacy Night? Because the kids have to read the words on the screen! So what songs did the boys all pick (and insist on singing separately)? Jingle Bells. Yes. All three of them picked the very same song, so everyone in the music room was treated to it three times in a row. Bahahaha!

In November we also played in the leaves! There’s never a shortage of those at our house. We live in a old neighborhood, with HUGE trees, and while people always comment in the spring and summer how great our trees are (a lot of friends live in new subdivisions that have tiny trees), we kinda feel like they’re not so awesome in November;)

Identical Triplets Blog_0006
Identical Triplets Blog_0007
Identical Triplets Blog_0008
Identical Triplets Blog_0009

Know what else was awesome that we did in November? We went and saw the penguins! YAY!! The brand new penguin exhibit is finally open at the Kansas City Zoo, and it is AWESOME!

Identical Triplets Blog_0010
Identical Triplets Blog_0011

We went on a very cold Saturday morning, so the zoo was practically empty. We spent a solid hour inside that penguin exhibit, and had to pretty much drag our kids out of there finally. They had so much fun watching the penguins swim, jump out of the water, push each other back into the water, etc. Lily’s squeals were awesome!

Identical Triplets Blog_0012

We wrapped November up with these three handsome guys taking Communion for the first time. They’d been asking for months about it, so we had a little sit-down with them to discuss the why’s behind Communion, and answer questions they had. After that, we were certain they were ready for it. Right after I took that picture at the end of the service they announced they want to be baptized next! While we do attend a United Methodist Church (they baptize infants), we decided to wait and let our kids tell us when they want to be baptized. Nick and I both have our own special baptism memories and want the same for our kids! So bittersweet to watch your kids grown up, isn’t it?

  • December 17, 2013 - 1:01 pm

    Cindy in San Antonio - Thanks, Helen, for the blog! It is always so refreshing to see your kiddos and hear what they are doing. Loved the photos, especially the penguin exhibit, and the leaves, and Dr. Seuss — well, ALL of them!!ReplyCancel

  • December 18, 2013 - 4:29 pm

    pop pop - Wow, first communion AND the Cat in the Hat !! Plus penguins. Can’t wait to visit !ReplyCancel

I’ve been a bad blogger this fall, I know that. However, I’ve been a great small business owner and a great (but definitely not even close to perfect) mom! Those two take the priority, and this time of year that means the blog and my personal pictures get pushed aside.

Guess what? I’m caught up on my Faces You Love editing right now, and will be for the next 36 hours or so! Wooo!! I was excited to go through personal pictures tonight…. from September! Yes, you read that right – I haven’t even touched personal pictures since September. Ouch.

So here, in a fun little picture-palooza, is what we were up to in September and October!

Three Times the Giggles_0016

Miss Lily started attending a Child’s Day Out program at the same preschool the boys went to. She’s loving school, and I think she sometimes wishes she went more often than 1 day a week!

Three Times the Giggles_0018

At the end of September (a very warm day in September, as you can see from Lily’s attire), I dragged Nick along for one of my mom’s group events! Who can say no to the Pumpkin Patch, especially when he gets to go with his two favorite girls?;)

Three Times the Giggles_0017

Identical Triplets Blog_0020

Lily and I also ventured to a fire station with our Parents As Teachers group! She was a brave girl, and wanted to practice Stop, Drop & Roll in front of the entire group, loved sitting in the truck, and even more loved meeting Sparky the Firedog! She’s such a sucker for giant “characters”;)

Identical Triplets Blog_0021

Identical Triplets Blog_0022

The very next day, while Lily was at school, I attended a field trip with Jackson…. to another fire station! And do you see that “look” he’s giving me from the truck? The “I’m going to look like I’m not having fun, and I’m definitely not making eye-contact with my mom over there” look? Yep, pretty much what I experienced the first hour of the field trip. The kid would not even look at me! He was all business with line basics, not talking, etc. Such a model student, but I finally said “dude! It’s ok to smile and talk to me while I’m here!”.

Identical Triplets Blog_0023

The boys also have ventured into their first organized sports experience, with Pee Wee soccer! They’re LOVING it!

Identical Triplets Blog_0024

And this… well, this just makes me laugh! Obviously from our pumpkin carving night:)

Identical Triplets Blog_0025
Identical Triplets Blog_0026
Identical Triplets Blog_0027
Identical Triplets Blog_0029

And Halloween! We had two boys want to re-wear the very same costumes from last year. SCORE! Jackson went as a mechanic again, Ty as a police officer, and Chase branched out and decided he wanted to be a Sonic Car Hop. Lily, well we just let her go crazy with dress up clothes:)Then there’s my sister the lobster and my husband dressed as my dad!

Identical Triplets Blog_0028