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As I was drifting off to sleep last night, it suddenly dawned on me that I had forgotten to post something here. Darn!

Anyway, last week was filled with fun for the kids, when Nick’s parents arrived here from Vermont! They usually fly, but chose to drive this time, so the trip was cut slightly short when they had to dash out of KC Saturday morning to try to beat the storm that was spreading through the area.

It has been several years (I think!) since the last time I could get a picture of my 4 kids with that set of grandparents, so was pretty excited to have this one! This was taken right after the boys’ basketball game, and just before my in-laws hit the road to head back to Vermont.


Tonight our family had the amazing privilege of witnessing the ground breaking of our church’s sanctuary! It’s been a snowy day here in Kansas City, and was lightly snowing as the ground breaking happened at the end of this evening’s worship service. That didn’t deter the couple of thousand that came out for tonight’s service though!

It was quickly getting dark, as you’ll see in these photos I took before my fingers froze, but was a moment we won’t forget! We’ll be that much more excited when it opens in a couple of years, because we were there when the ground was broken! 



The boys breaking some ground – they totally didn’t grasp the “just turn a quick scoop of whatever over” concept… I think if we’d let them continue, there would have been a trench around the cross!



Lily got in on the digging action, while standing right at my feet! The children’s ministry handed out the hard hats to the kids as they left programming tonight (and they’ll do it again tomorrow)!



A rare photo with all 6 of us in it! I couldn’t turn it down when a friend offered to take one, so I set the camera on auto, let go of my “ugh – the flash is going to fire, and I hate my flash” feelings, and made it happen! The blobs all over the place? Snowflakes!



Then we headed over the construction fence, to tie on our ribbons, which were covered with our dreams and prayers for the church! (Gettin’ dark out here!)


I’m tired of being cold, and I bet others are too, so I’m going to post more pool shots:)The pool water itself was rather chilly, but sitting in that atrium was wonderful! Warm and steamy air! ahhhh

First, the full series from Jackson’s flight!


Lily’s favorite thing to do at a pool is stand at the edge, count “1, 2, 3” and then yell “cannon ball!” as she flings herself into someone’s arms. She does it over, and over, and over, and over.


A little of Ty jumping. He’s learned how to make a big splash, and I’m proud to say I taught him those skills 😉


Know what blows my mind? How fast these 3 are growing. How are they 7 and a half already?! (Today is their half birthday!) It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I was waddling around, with a ginormous belly, or that those boys were laying on my living room floor with their own ginormous bellies and infectious laughs.