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I’m tired of being cold, and I bet others are too, so I’m going to post more pool shots:)The pool water itself was rather chilly, but sitting in that atrium was wonderful! Warm and steamy air! ahhhh

First, the full series from Jackson’s flight!


Lily’s favorite thing to do at a pool is stand at the edge, count “1, 2, 3″ and then yell “cannon ball!” as she flings herself into someone’s arms. She does it over, and over, and over, and over.


A little of Ty jumping. He’s learned how to make a big splash, and I’m proud to say I taught him those skills 😉


Know what blows my mind? How fast these 3 are growing. How are they 7 and a half already?! (Today is their half birthday!) It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I was waddling around, with a ginormous belly, or that those boys were laying on my living room floor with their own ginormous bellies and infectious laughs.

Today ended up being a beautiful, decently warm day here in Kansas City (and we won’t talk about the fact the temperature plummeted and it was snowing while I was typing this), so we headed to the zoo after the boys got out of school (yay early release!).

Nick’s parents arrived in town from Vermont yesterday, so the zoo trip was made even more fun by having them with us, plus my brother in law, sister in law, and niece (who are currently in KC for school)! As you’ll see, we had a ball!


Lily looooves her cousin! My new theory is that it’s because it’s the first person she’s had the chance to boss around. Ha! I do love this picture of them on the hippo though – think they might be related?!


After checking out the tigers, we noticed a sign asking people to see if they could leap as far as a tiger can. The boys had a great time getting running starts to try, and in the process I captured one of my favorite “boy” images in a long time. Check out that action shot of Ty and Jackson! It looks like Ty is about to take Jackson out, and all while looking stylin’ in his bow tie!



Ty: I don’t always ride the carousel at the zoo, but when I do I like to wear a bow tie.


We made it over to watch the penguins being fed, and the tail end of a keeper chat. Chase and Ty spent a solid 20 minutes talking the ear off of the keeper. She opened the door by asking if they had any questions, and I think they gave her waaaay more than she bargained for!

I was cracking up and in awe all at once, because these 7 year olds of mine were using terms like species, extinct, endangered, and habitat like it was second nature. Bravo, teachers!


The boys all asked for the chance to take a picture, so I showed them how to hold the camera, support the lens, which buttons were focus and shutter, and let them try! The above one of the penguins is what Chase and Jackson took (the pictures came out identical, so I’m just posting one). The picture below of the polar bear was done by Ty! Then Lily asked to do some, so I handed her my cell and she shot off 25 pictures of the polar bear. Love that they’re interested!