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Originally posted 4.23.07

Sorry it took me so long to get this update done – it was a crazy weekend!

Last Thursday (April 19th) Nick and I went for my first appointment at Midwest Perinatal. At this office I will see a team of 4 doctors throughout my pregnancy. Each month the doctors rotate their positions at the office, so one will do all ultrasounds, while one does deliveries, etc. The office staff seems very friendly and they put Nick and I at ease.

Considering my pregnancy is now considered “high risk”, I will see the doctor every two weeks (which means there will be lots of updates to do!). At each appointment we will at least take a quick peak at the babies, so I’ll be seeing a lot of these three over the coming months! We did do an ultrasound on Thursday and I’ve added the new pictures to the “UltraSound” album (the last three pictures are the new ones).

I had a lot of my questions answered, which was great. One that I wasn’t thrilled with the answer to was in regards to bed rest. The doctor told me to plan like I’ll be on bed rest at 24 weeks, but that I could last a bit longer than that. 24 weeks?! However, when you consider I won’t go the full 40 weeks (or even close to it), it really won’t be that long.

The doctor also said they get really excited if mom’s of 3 can hold the babies in until 32 weeks or longer, which means these babies could easily arrive as early as the middle of August. Obviously the longer they have to develop before entering the world, the better – so please pray for a September delivery!

Another fun piece of information, it looks like the hospital we’re delivering at gives parents of triplets a free triplet stroller! This is great news, as those huge things come with a huge price tag.

My next appointment is May 4th, so I’ll update then!

Originally posted 4.4.07 (12 weeks pregnant)

I think the whole triplet thing is sinking in now. I’d say I’m 95% excited and only 5% scared – for now.

Last Friday (3/30) Nick and I went for my first ultrasound. Almost immediately the tech said “do twins run in your family?” To which we said “no!” She said “well, they do now!”. We were totally in shock! Nick was laughing, I was crying (out of joy) and all was well. Then the tech said “hmmmm”. I said “there are only two, right?!” Then she told us it looked like 3 and sure enough, there they all were, hearts beating away. Now Nick was really laughing and I was really crying!

The tech did tell us that the membranes dividing the sacs looks really thin, which often will indicate identical (but she admitted it was a little early to tell for sure). She also mentioned that one of the little babies looked to possibly be male and if they’re all identical well then…. Again though, it’s technically too early to tell for sure, so I’m taking that with a grain of salt. Nick says he’s putting his money on 3 boys.

People have asked us if multiples run in the family or if we were on fertility drugs, to which we answer no. This is one crazy miracle of life!

Today I was transferred to a perinatalist instead of going through the rest of the pregnancy with my original doctor. I will also now deliver at a different hospital from my first choice, simply because this new hospital has a level 3 NICU. Even though my due date is in mid-October it’s quite likely that I will actually have these babies in September sometime…. from what I’ve read, heard and been told most women only carry triplets as far as 33-36 weeks or so.

My next appointment is April 19th, so I’ll update after that!

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