I am overwhelmed right now with my growing to-do list. Actually, I’m so overwhelmed I haven’t even made an actual to-do list, I’m just trying to remember everything in my messy mom-brain. Probably not the best idea. I know things are falling through the cracks that way – like the cute little project the boys were all supposed to do and bring to their teachers this morning for Teacher Appreciate Week. Yeah, remembered that one about 30 minutes after the boys went to bed last night. UGH!

I like to think I’m well-balanced, and I apparently am good at portraying that as I’m routinely referred to as “Super Mom”. Last week I was even called bionic, which was a new (and funny) one for me.

Before Lily was born things were humming along nicely here. Getting errands done with the boys wasn’t a complete struggle and they were becoming more and more independent which allowed me more time at home to work on my various projects.

The arrival of a newborn in the house definitely threw a big wrench into things. I feel like I’ve had to relearn how to do even the simplest of things (like a quick trip to the grocery store). I don’t have as much “free time” here at home to get things done, because Lily needs me and as a result I feel suddenly overwhelmed.

It is quite possible though that my sudden overwhelmed feeling is a result not so much of the new baby (but she definitely plays a part) but more because everything seems to be needing my attention all at once. Laura’s wedding is a little over a week away and I’ve had the fun of trying to track down 4 little black suits thanks to some major issues with Men’s Warehouse (they’re on my “list” now) among all of the other details that come with being the Matron of Honor in a wedding. My mom’s group is about to have our last meeting of the year, which requires extra planning. The triplets group needs attention from me and March for Babies just wrapped up a few days ago. Did I mention family starts coming to town for the wedding next Tuesday? Oy!

Here’s the thing though, I love each and every one of those things! I love helping Laura with the wedding stuff (except for this stupid suit issue – I could have done without that). I love planning BBM (Building Better Moms) meetings and seeing all of those smiling women. I love the triplets group I’m in and trying to figure out ways to grow it and make it better. I love taking part in March for Babies and recruiting walkers, collecting money and walking. And I am super excited about all the family that will be flying to Kansas City next week – some of these people I haven’t seen in years and many have never met the boys!

I think in my position most people would take a break from blogging, or at least cut back. I can’t do that though. I love blogging and find it therapeutic and relaxing to post funny stories, pictures, videos and my thoughts. Every time I think to myself “I’ll just cut back”, I can’t bring myself to do it. I love it too much.

All of the above things are too important to me too. I think what I need is a personal assistant. Who wants the job? I can pay you in smiles from my children. No takers? I think for now I’ll just start working on a to-do list. Perhaps that will help me feel less overwhelmed.

The point of this post? To show you I am not Super Mom and I am not bionic. I’m human. I struggle with how to get everything done too. Last night I didn’t have a clue what to make for dinner until 5:15. There’s a laundry basket full of my clean clothes sitting on the floor in my bedroom and they’ll likely stay there for another day or so. My family is healthy and happy though and that’s all that matters to me. The rest of this is just “stuff” and it’ll come together eventually, thanks to the help of my husband, my friends, some coffee, probably some Diet Coke and a to-do list. Time to get to work!

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  • AMEN, sista! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Laney

    Wait till your kids start sports! Like Jen says, I can now see why triplet moms drop off the face of the Earth when their kids get older! Oh and I want to hear the Mens Warehouse story!ReplyCancel

    • Oh Laney, I can only imagine how much crazier things will get with sports – especially if they’re on different teams! Ahhh! I’ll be sure to tell the Men’s Warehouse story at some point on here. Nothing like social media and blogs to give a company bad press 😉ReplyCancel

  • I wish you lived here. There are little suits of all styles and prices, and little ties. When I walk past them I even check the price to see how much 3x would be. We just got past my sister’s wedding 2 mo ago and while fun it was all consuming. A new baby is the same way. I hope things get easier to juggle soon.ReplyCancel

    • Fun but all consuming is the perfect way to describe a wedding or a new baby!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    You are SO right !! Family before stuff. Always ! I remember that you even gave up a job that you loved for your family. I am SO proud of you !ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    Relax and enjoy the fact that you are just like the rest of us! I don’t have triplet and a newborn, but I do have 8 & 6 year old boys, go to nursing school full time, work part time and my husband works as a teacher and also has a part time job. Some days lucky if I know my own name. If we all have full bellies, clean clothes, and are safe then I don’t care! The other stuff is nothing more than stuff. The projects, homework (1st grade especially) is important, but cannot take the place of precious time with my family. Helen…you are an amazing mommy and wife and your family knows that!ReplyCancel

  • Susan

    When I re-read my post I can see all the typos and that makes me laugh! I’m so happy to be someone who is ok with making mistakes! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Blame the preschool project on me…I completely forgot to send out a reminder until about 8:30 when my kids were in bed but then I figured all the other kids were probably asleep too so there was not much point!! I appreciate you sharing about how your life REALLY is and I can absolutely relate to feeling so overwhelmed at times that I don’t even have a list. I saw a fb post about sick boys so I sure hope that they get better quick and things go well for the wedding!ReplyCancel

  • I’ll be your personal assistant! hahaReplyCancel

  • Auntie Laura

    I love you helping with the wedding too! You’ve been sucha BIG help! You are still “super mom” in my eyes. 🙂ReplyCancel