Our Sunday

It’s hot here. Are we sure it’s only April 2nd? Yesterday, it was near 90 degrees here and today we’re in for more of the same. Nick and I are doing our best to not cave and turn on the house AC in April, so yesterday I spent the day trying to keep the kids cool.

We could also name this post “Admire Lily’s Chunky Rolls”, cause they’re fully visible in a bathing suit!

Even Ty can’t resist patting her round tummy. Bahahaha!

Chase, just chilling.

Yep, someone is enjoying her first kiddie pool experience!

Ty, I think you’re a little big for that pool…

Do you see those back fat wrinkles? Oh, how I love those! I’m determined to get an even better picture of them someday soon.

Sonic Happy Hour also helps kids cool down! What nice timing that the boys all had hit 30 stars (the number needed for a Sonic drink), so we piled into the van and loaded up on Lemonberry Slushes.

Lily is still rear-facing, so to get this one, I just held my camera over her seat and blindly took the picture. I think she was wondering where her Sonic drink was…

By the time we got home, we couldn’t tell if it was hotter inside or out, so the kids played in both spots. I think Lily preferred the living room because I brought an extra fan up from the basement, and she liked hearing me tell her “No” every 15 seconds. 😉

Total side note here – I love having a little girl! Her clothes are so dang cute! (And yes, I still love my boys, but their clothes are boring now – it’s all t-shirts, polos and various shades of khaki. Not nearly as fun as cute sun dresses, leggings, rompers and hair accessories!)

Here’s to staying cool today too! I suspect I’ll be bringing our homemade sprinkler up from the basement today. You can see that HERE.

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  • Allie

    looks like summer! we’re still at 50 degrees in new york 🙁ReplyCancel

    • It feels like summer! Craziness! Thankfully, it looks like semi-normal temps are coming back tomorrow. Whew!ReplyCancel