Our Summer Bucket List {2013}

It’s Summer Bucket List time again! We actually wrote down our list a couple of weeks ago, but I just today got around to putting it up on our wall. We’ve even checked off an item already, which will be up on the blog tomorrow!

Here’s our list for 2013! (We’ll add Nick’s print when he gets home tonight)


You’ll notice our list is only 20 items this year (versus 31 like last year); our summer is a few weeks shorter this year, thanks to a much earlier school start for  the boys this year! Plus, we ended up not squeezing everything in last summer, which bummed the boys out, and I didn’t want that to happen again. This seems much more manageable to me!

Visit the Curious George Exhibit (it’s free, and at Crown Center, for you KC peeps)

Go to the Topeka Zoo (Last time we went was 3 years ago, so the boys don’t remember it!)

Make an obstacle course

Go blueberry picking

Go to a different spray ground (we always go to the one near our house, but there are others out there!)

Give Mommy flowers (probably my favorite suggestion from the boys!)

Go bowling

Visit a new playground

Watch an outdoor concert

Go to a festival

Go fishing

Do the Color Run

Find a waterfall

Have a dinner time picnic

Splat Daddy with a pie (my second favorite kid suggestion! Ha!)

Watch the elephant paint at the zoo (we’ve never seen it, and while watching a Curious George episode about a painting elephant, I informed the boys one of the elephants at the Kansas City Zoo does that too!)

Play mini-golf

Take a family picture (and it’s gonna be a nice one, cause we haven’t done that since I was pregnant with Lily!)

Make lemonade

Go swimming

Do you have a Summer Bucket List? If not, get on it! There’s still lots of summer left!

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