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Anyone that’s read my blog over the years knows I’m a big fan of changing things up whenever needed. I may be stubborn in a lot of areas, but recognizing whatever once “worked” for our kids is no longer working and needs to be changed is not one of them!

We’ve had many chore/earning/reward systems over the years, starting with the Star Charts when they were 3, and we did several versions of those. Then we moved on to the popular punch cards, which worked pretty well from about age 4.5 to 6. Late last summer though, the punch cards lost their appeal. The boys just weren’t driven enough to do a job, to get a punch, to work towards 10 punches, which then earned them $2. Hmmmm….

Time to change it up again!

Chores for Kids |

Fun, right?! Those little buttons are magnetic, and came from the Etsy Shop MoreThanAMemoryAK. Very reasonably priced, and quick to ship. Nick and I picked out what each should say, and I found the magnetic white board at Target. Boom! New Chore chart and earning system!

Chores for kids|Three Times the Giggles_0001

We also had the boys decorate (with Sharpies) some big glass containers, to use as their banks. We’d been using envelopes before, and the darn things kept slipping behind the dresser!

So we’ve been using this new system for a couple of months now, and they love it! Every Friday is payday, and Chase is scoring big time this week with his. We haven’t capped their earning potential, but I have told the overzealous one to ease up and leave some jobs for his brothers 😉

Jobs can be done multiple times a week. Say Chase unloaded the dishwasher on Monday, and then it needed to be done again on Wednesday – I would write “.50” next to the “Owe” below his name, and move the button back up top to the available section.

Jobs can also be shared! Things like Cleaning the Closet, Cleaning the Van, and Yard Work can easily be multiple kid jobs, so in those cases we’ll split the money as needed (and write it in the “owe” section, rather than moving the button).

All in all, it’s working pretty well! There’ve been times the boys have wanted to purchase something at school (little fundraisers they do), and we tell them they’ve got money to do it themselves. They also all wanted to pledge $1 a month each (for the next 3 years) in our church’s new building campaign. Each month, they go grab a dollar from their jars and bring it to church.

I’m sure I could have found the materials to make buttons myself, but that Etsy shop had them priced reasonably enough that I chose the lazy route. Plus, this way I was supporting another small business! Win for my laziness and win for a small biz!

Disclaimer: The above mentioned Etsy shop and Target have no idea who I am. I just loved what I bought at each and wanted to share! I’ve not been compensated for my opinions.

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