Today I stepped up my weight-loss game and attended a fitness class. Last night we joined the gym/community center. I noticed there was a class offered this morning that sounded interesting, so I got up almost an hour early, braved the t-storm and headed out. Let’s just say, I think I’ve officially identified my weak areas – my arms and my abs. Ouch.

How is it that I can have almost zero upper body strength when I’m constantly hoisting 30+ pound children? Seriously! Someone explain that to me. About 75% of today’s class focused on arms. Know what size weights I used? 4 pound. Know what size weights the women on either side of me, who were at least twice my age, used? 8-10 pounds. The instructor asked me at one point if my weights were heavy enough and I assured her they were. 
Know what else I have zippo of? Muscle in my abs. It was seriously embarrassing! I can do some crunches and I can do reverse crunches, but I could not for the life of me do these ab routines in the class. Sad, sad, sad. I should have expected it to be tough; after all before I had the boys I carried any extra weight all over my body, but now I carry all extra weight around my waist. Darn pregnancy!
Instead of using this as an excuse to not go back to class though, I’m going to use it to motivate me further. If I keep going back it will eventually get easier. It has to.
The good news? For those that haven’t noticed my ticker or aren’t yet a part of the Summer of Change group I started of Facebook, I lost 7 pounds my first week! Holy water weight, batman! 

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  • Jen

    Hang in there, Helen. We all gotta start somewhere, huh?ReplyCancel

  • Brenda B.

    Keep it up!ReplyCancel

  • breckholladay

    Good for you Sweetie !!ReplyCancel

  • Christina

    LOL, yea, those arms can be tough! I workout with 3lbs, and go up during the week so I don't overdue it.

    My back is better…I just started running today, should be back in the full swing of things soon!