Opposites attract, right? Is that why we got snow dumped on us on Monday and then yesterday we were outside in t-shirts? Were they attracted to each other? Hmmmmm….

Monday morning, looking down a side street. Gorgeous, but not welcome.

Chase, soaking up the sun at the park yesterday.

And Chase wearing a hat and mittens on Monday afternoon.

Tyler, waiting for his turn on the swings…

Tyler, shoveling snow.

Jackson, ready to play some softball.

Jackson, shoveling snow.

Poor little daffodil covered in snow. I won’t be at all surprised if I see an actual flower on one of these later this afternoon!

So obviously we’ve had some interesting weather this week! That snow that arrived late Sunday night and early Monday morning was mostly gone by late Monday afternoon. Yesterday it was around 70 and today could be mid-70’s to 80! Woohoo!

To celebrate the gorgeous weather, we’re making our first 2011 trips to playgrounds. Yesterday we met up with my friend Wendy and her adorable boys for some fun. Later today we’re meeting up with my sister and a couple of girls she’s watching for a picnic and fun at a different park. Good times! Here are a couple of more shots from yesterday’s trip to the park.


The boys brought their magnifying glass so they could investigate things (like Sid the Science Kid does). Here, Chase is investigating a cigarette butt. Nice.

Definitely my favorite picture of the day!

Tomorrow I’ll have a giveaway for you and a hot tip regarding 6 free kids e-books that you can load onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

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