One of These Things Is Not Like The Others

One of these things is not like the others….

That’s right! Ty-guy has glasses now! He got them a little over a week ago, so if you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you’d probably already noticed them. He shouldn’t need the glasses forever, because they’re just being used as a way to help correct a lazy eye. Just how long that correction will take though remains to be seen.

I can tell you this – his brothers are jealous of the new specs! They keep asking me to go buy them glasses to wear, and Chase has tried to tell me multiple times that one of his eyes “hurt” or he can’t see well out of one of them. When I ask what we should do about that, he says we need to go back to the eye doctor. Nice try, kid 😉 You were already examined and your eyes are fine!

Nick and I think Ty looks incredibly handsome in his glasses, and were blown away by how much they “aged” him! We were also blown away by how much they cost, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Thank goodness these bad boys come with a warranty against breakage!

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  • I have twins, and one of them recently got glasses. At first, he was shy about wearing them, but once his teacher gave him some encouragement, and he realized that nobody was going to tease him, he now wants to wear them all the time! And, like you with Ty, we love that he looks so “grown up” and handsome in his new specs! His brother hasn’t said he wants glasses yet, but he has braces, which his brother was a little jealous of at first. Apparently, braces are cool!ReplyCancel

  • They look really nice! Hopefully he will not need to wear them too very long.

    Sending along good wishes for this week!ReplyCancel

  • Sooo cute. They do look good on him. I need to get my boys to the eye doctor. Just to get them checked out.ReplyCancel