One Last Wedding Post

Drives me nuts that I keep posting so late in the day! Hopefully it’s not driving you all as crazy. I’m thinking that by Monday things should be settled down around here.

Here is one final look at Wedding Week! I can’t believe it’s been nearly a week since Laura and Mason tied the knot. What fun to look back at the pictures!

How adorable are they?

During the first dance. I thought about cropping in closer, but I loved being able to see all of the family and friends in the background!

This one is a tad dark (didn’t use a flash), but I loved the looks on the faces in the background – especially my Uncle Lou’s (on the left) and my cousin Jenny’s (on the right)! Right after this dip, Laura and Mason broke into an upbeat, choreographed dance. It was awesome and Mason rocked it, even though he looked petrified when he was told it was time!

There was a photobooth at the reception, which was fun! Two copies of each “set” were printed – one went into a scrapbook for Laura and Mason and people got to write next to their pictures. The boys and I had some fun in the booth, even though it’s clear we were a bit confused on how to work it 😉 Laura squeezed in for the final shot. Love it!

Close-up of our bouquets. I ended up with two at home because one of the bridesmaids didn’t think I’d grabbed one so sent one with my parents. They were beautiful and went so well with our pink dresses. I’m still enjoying the flowers nearly a week later, although they’re starting to fade now.

I had to show off the fun gift all of us bridesmaids received from Laura! Each glass was customized for us, including our own name (on the back – next picture) and our dress style painted on front (there were 3 different styles worn)!

Look, there are even little shoes at the base of the stem!

Laura got them from an Etsy shop, and when she returns from her honeymoon I’ll ask her which one!

Monday morning, the family that was still in town met up at a park to let the kiddos burn off some energy. This is my Aunt Carol, Uncle Glenn, cousins Melody and Jenny and Jenny’s daughter Avaleigh. There’s another sister and brother in between Melody and Jenny, but they (along with Jenny’s husband) couldn’t make it to the wedding.

We tried to get a picture of my grandparents with all 8 of their great-grandchildren. Sadly, it is pretty much impossible to get 8 small children (or even half of them) to look in the direction of one camera when there are just as many adults (if not more) hanging out behind and to the side of you. Darn!

There you have it – Wedding Week in the span of 4 posts!

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    Fond memories of what seems like a long long time ago. Thanks for the pictures.ReplyCancel