One Day

In one day my boys turn 4. Wow! My day is packed full of party planning and prep and trying not to cry. (What is it about the age of 4 that’s making me so dang emotional?!)

Tomorrow, a bunch of giveaways will be posted here on the blog in honor of the day. Know what time they’ll start going up? 6:11, 6:12, and 6:13am (Central time) – the exact times my boys were born. Be sure to pop in and enter all of the great giveaways. Don’t worry if your weekend is crazy – the giveaways will remain open through Labor Day!

And now to enjoy the boys’ last day of being 3 and my last day of being able to say that I have 4 children under 4!

FYI – I did put a post up late yesterday afternoon! Be sure to read it – it’s rather funny 🙂

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    Connor just said “Why are they named Pig, Turkey and Cow??”” LOL!ReplyCancel

  • Alicenne

    Happy birthday! You only turn 4 once, so live it up!!!ReplyCancel