On Your Mark, Get Set…. – Video Clip of the Week

You’ll notice something slightly different about my video clip this week… Instead of uploading it directly to blogger, I’ve loaded it to our YouTube channel. I’ve started using Blogger’s new editor and it doesn’t have a video upload option and it’s beginning to annoy me to switch back and forth between editors just to load video. If you have problems viewing it this way, please let me know!

This past weekend Nick and the boys were playing in the front yard when Nick decided to really try to run the boys ragged! You can’t hear it because I was filming from inside, but each time they crouch down Nick is saying “On your mark, get set, go!”

Maybe we have future Olympic athletes on our hands, but first the boys need to work on facing the same direction… oh and not tipping over randomly.

As promised yesterday, I moved some more of my old blog posts here to Three Times the Giggles! Hooray! The posts added yesterday are from November and December of 2007. You can always read my old posts by going to the Blog Archive on the left hand side of your screen and selecting “2007” and then clicking on the months to see the blog titles. I’ll make today easy on you though – here are the posts I added yesterday: Health Stuff, 3 Months Old, We Have a Roller, Christmas Letter and Picture, 4 Months Already, Random Thoughts. All posts include some pictures from around the time of that original post! Enjoy the trip back in time!

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