On the Road

I’m blogging tonight from the Harrisburg, PA area! We left Kansas City at 2am on Monday morning. Whew! As you might imagine, I’m tired (and so is Nick). We spent last night in Columbus, OH and hung out this evening with some college friends here in PA. Before I head to bed, I wanted to throw some pictures up quickly! Our drive to Massachusetts is going to come quickly tomorrow (and hopefully go quickly!).

Several months ago, I bought some used MP3 players from another triplet mom. I kept them hidden for all these months and finally broke them out after one of our stops on Day 1. They are huge hits with the boys! I’m going to try to get video of the three of them all belting out different songs, but at the same time. Hilarious!

My sweet, sweet Jackson! Remember how I mentioned we left at 2am? Yeah, Jackson didn’t fall asleep again until 8:30am…. clearly we have a night owl! The other two boys were awake most of that time too, but did dose a bit around 4am.

Sleepy, Ty.

This one is from today, and I love how you can see Ty’s project in the reflection of his glasses!

Glow in the dark beads + pipe cleaners = fun!

(That’s a cookie sheet they’re on – more about that in a future post.)

This afternoon we stopped by the place Nick and I met and fell in love – Messiah College!

The boys were quite concerned with walking into buildings that were mostly dark and quiet. Nick assured them we had paid enough that we could go in 😉

We also signed up for a pre-payment plan for college. (kidding!) College times 4 (and 3 at once) isn’t going to be pretty 😉

Don’t they look thrilled with the Yellow Breeches? Yeah – they were done. D.O.N.E.

On to more adventures tomorrow!


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