Omaha Fun

Monday morning we loaded up the van and drove a few hours north to visit Omaha, Nebraska. The boys were pumped about the trip, even though I don’t think they really understood what was going on. It doesn’t show in these pictures from the car, but I promise they were excited!

They were all pretty excited though as we made our way toward Omaha. As Nick put it today “the van was rocking”. When we pulled into the hotel parking lot, the excitement built, but nothing could compare to the level of excitement and awe when we walked them into the Coco Key Water Park that was attached to our hotel! I so wish I could have taken pictures of the boys playing on all the water slides and floating around the lazy river (their favorite part), but with the amount of water that was flying around that place there was no way I was going to bring my precious camera out of hiding! You’ll just have to imagine the fun.

After our time at the water park, the boys were super excited to see where we’d be sleeping.

Let me say this – sharing a double bed with two three year olds does not equal a good night of sleep! Lesson learned there.

Tuesday morning, after breakfast at the hotel (the boys’ first buffet experience) we packed up and headed to our next destination…. The Omaha Zoo! When you think of a zoo in Omaha you probably think it’s nothing great, but let me assure you it’s amazing! We’ll definitely be going back and not just because we only saw about 1/3 of the zoo before the crabbiness of Chase (mostly Chase) was too much to handle, but because what we saw was fantastic and the boys loved it. Most of the exhibits are inside various buildings, which makes it a great place to visit year round.

I’m not sure which the boys thought was cooler – the under-ground “Creatures of the Night” exhibit or the aquarium exhibit. I just know Tyler was captivated by all of it. Poor kid cried and cried when we said we needed to leave. He just wanted to “see more animals!”.

Definitely a fun little trip! The crankiness we dealt with was definitely worth it for the total joy on their faces at various times throughout the two days.

More fun to come this week!

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