Oh, Pinterest, I Love You

Hello. My name is Helen and I’ve become yet another Pinterest fan.

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When I started receiving invites from friends to join Pinterest this summer, I thought “heck no! I don’t need yet another time-suck in my life!” and so I ignored the e-mails. Then a few friends on Facebook started sharing their “pins” and I would click on it and find this whole Pinterest thing confusing. Then the confusion turned into intrigue…

A couple of months later (yes, I resisted for that long) I decided it really might be helpful from a business standpoint, so I e-mailed a friend and asked her to send the invite again. (Tip: If someone personally invites you to Pinterest you’re in immediately, versus being put on the “waiting list” if you request to join directly through the website.)

Ok, so here’s why I love, love, love Pinterest…


While Pinterest comes with some suggested “boards” to start you off, you can customize, add and subtract boards to your heart’s content. It rocks! I have my photography inspired blogs divided out by portrait style (I uses these as inspiration for upcoming sessions), I’ve got a board of pins dedicated to various Photography tips and tricks I’ve found, I have a board of things to try (of which I’ve tried one and have the stuff to try another one), I have a board of things that just amuse me (like the pin that tells me the average 4 year old asks 437 questions a day, which means 1311 in this house!), a board for recipes and more.

Here’s the beauty of the whole system – yes, you could spend hours just browsing other people’s pins and repining them to your own boards (like pictures of kitchens none of us will ever be able to afford), BUT you can also add a handy little “Pin It” button to your browser tool bar and then pin things you find on your own while browsing websites. For example, when I find a recipe online, try it and love it, I pin it! This way I won’t have to go through all my book marks to try to find it when I want to make the recipe again. It’s a virtual bulletin board, but instead of being a jumbled mess (unless that’s how you roll), it’s all neatly categorized so you can find things easily down the road.

Ok, so what have I tried on Pinterest that’s so great (besides the photography stuff):

Laundry Soap! I love this homemade laundry soap! It’s far cheaper than the stuff I was buying (even with my super coupon/deal hunting skills) and it gets the kids’ clothes clean. The first time I made it, I only made half a batch just to test it. Last week I made a full batch and we should be set on laundry soap for the next 7 or 8 months and I only paid about $10 for the ingredients.

Now this one, I was SURE I had taken a picture of when we did at our house, but I just spent the last hour looking through both computers and our external HD trying to find it. Boo! This is the picture I had re-pinned from someone else. Nick actually did this one with the boys (after I showed him my pin on Pinterest) and he did it up BIG! The masking tape went all over the living room, into the kitchen and dining area and down the hall. They built ramps and jumps using cardboard boxes, and we left most of it up for a few days. Can you tell why I’m bummed to not find any pictures of it?!

One day I hope to have posted something cool enough that people thought it was pin worthy! If you’re on Pintrerest, follow me!

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Please note: Pinterest doesn’t know who I am. I wrote this because I love it and I want others to love it!

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  • You’ve motivated me to go look at it again… I did half-heartedly use it for my older son’s 4th birthday party this summer, but I really haven’t mastered it.ReplyCancel

  • RoseAnne (Mom)

    Ok – going to your board to find the link for the laundry soap. I just made body lotion that I found there and pinned on one of my boards. The lotion is wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • What I love about Pinterest is that blogging friends and non-blogging friends are getting on board. Everyone loves Pinterest!ReplyCancel

  • Do you know if the homemade laundry detergent is workable in those high efficiency washing machines? What I use has to have “he” on the front of the bottle. I may have just answered my own question. Perhaps high efficiency detergents have to be liquid and not powder.ReplyCancel

    • Nellie, I do not have a HE washer, but if I recall correctly, there were comments (on the blog that the recipe came from) that were from people who successfully used it in their HE washers.ReplyCancel