Officially Toddlers

Today my little men turn 18 months old. 18 months! How did that happen?! I feel like 18 months is the official mark of becoming a toddler, which is frightening.

Their special half birthday started with a trip to the doctor, but not for a well visit. Yesterday morning the boys all woke up coughing. Then Jackson had a mild fever. They all spent much of the day rolling around on the floor with blankets, looking like they wanted to go to sleep. By bedtime all three were running fevers (100, 101 and 102) and the coughing fits after I put them to bed were heart wrenching!

At about 5pm a friend called to tell me her daughter (whom we had a playdate with last Saturday) had just been diagnosed with Bronchiolitis and her symptoms had started on Sunday. Suddenly a cough and fever I was just going to “wait and see” on was possibly a little more serious, so I got an appointment for the boys.

Considering the boys are not wheezing (yet), the doctor could not diagnose them as having Bronchiolitis. She is hopeful that their immune systems kicked the bug before it really could get to them. Fevers are gone but the coughing is still there. Oh and Tyler had an ear infection that we didn’t know about!

The one good thing about our impromptu trip to the doctor, is we got official 18 month weights out of it! We have little monsters on our hands! Jackson comes in at 26.4, Tyler at 24.6 and Chase at 27.6. At this rate I won’t be able to keep them rear facing in their car seats much longer!

Keep the boys in your prayers that they really did kick the bug and the cough won’t turn into anything worth. Have a great weekend!

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